OPIF is Open for Applications – $700,000 is Available For New Projects Now

With the passing of HB 3367 and on to the Governor’s Desk for signature, the Oregon Production Investment Fund now has a little breathing room to consider new projects.  The expansion of OPIF (extra $4million a year) will not go into effect until early October but in the meantime the fund does have approximately $700,000 available for new projects.  We have received three applications already and are reviewing those applications but we would like to open up the application process for the next week and consider all applications submitted between July 1 and July 19 at the same time.  Continue reading... “OPIF is Open for Applications – $700,000 is Available For New Projects Now”

TNT’s Geena Davis Bounty Hunter Pilot Confirmed to Shoot In Oregon

We know the cat is likely out of the bag but we can now confirm that the upcoming TNT Pilot starring Oscar Winner Geena Davis will be shot here in Oregon.  We’re thrilled to have yet another project from TNT and director/producer Dean Devlin.  Dean and his team at Electric Entertainment have been instrumental in Oregon’s film and television industry growth over the past few years.  Here’s to hoping that this pilot leads to yet another multiple year project much like what “Levereage” was for the past four years!  Continue reading... “TNT’s Geena Davis Bounty Hunter Pilot Confirmed to Shoot In Oregon”

Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees

Dean Devlin, Producer Leverage, Senator Ginny Burdick (picture Frank DiMarco)

The Oregon Film & Television Office thanked Leverage for four great seasons shooting in the Portland Metro area by donating four trees to be planted in metro neighborhoods through the  Friends Of Trees non-profit program.  Leverage’s Producer, Dean Devlin,  was presented with a certificate noting the dates and neighborhoods the trees will be planted by Senator Ginny Burdick (and, naturally, the certificate was printed on 100% recycled, FSC certified paper).  Continue reading... “Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees”

Happy Holidays from Limbo Films!

My what a busy year 2012 turned out to be! We produced spots for Mead Notebooks, Ikea, Intel, Kent State University, Cadet Heating, Leatherman Tools, and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Once the creatives at New York agency Ryan Partners gave Limbo Films the green light on a national spot for Five Star/Mead Notebooks our first task was setting the excellent trainers from Boones Animals in Hollywood to work. For 2 weeks prior to our Santa Monica based shoot they trained 4 hero and 4 back-up pooches to do the tricks required by the script and all their work paid off. Continue reading... “Happy Holidays from Limbo Films!”

OMPA and McMenamins’ Great Northwest Film Tour present… “Adventures in Plymptoons!”

Portland declares May 26 date “Bill Plympton Day”

The Great NW Film Tour is a new series geared toward independent releases, kicking off at McMenamins Mission Theater on Saturday, May 19

In a partnership with the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA), McMenamins presents The Great Northwest Film Tour, giving new films a place to be shown, gather momentum and burst out onto the scene. At regular intervals, The Great Northwest Film Tour will host directors, actors and/or producers at our McMenamins hotels and theater-pubs with their latest work – could be a documentary, an action film, animation or beyond. Continue reading... “OMPA and McMenamins’ Great Northwest Film Tour present… “Adventures in Plymptoons!””

Oregon Stills Exhibition – Aaron Katz, Matt McCormick & Kelly Reichardt


On View September 1st – September 30th, 2011

Opening reception Tuesday September 6th, 6pm – 8pm

128 SW 3RD Avenue | Portland, OR

Carefully selected by filmmakers Aaron Katz, Matt McCormick, and Kelly Reichardt and curators May Barruel and Justen Harn, this exhibition features stills from three films shot in Oregon: Cold Weather, Some Days Are Better Than Others,and Meek’s Cutoff. Crew photographers include Scott Green, Neil Kopp, and Greg Schmitt. Shawn Levy, a film critic for The Oregonian, will be providing a curatorial statement that will be sent out to press at the end of August. Continue reading... “Oregon Stills Exhibition – Aaron Katz, Matt McCormick & Kelly Reichardt”

Case Study: Fashionbuddha Shares the Monterey Bay Love

Oregon-based companies pride themselves on being amongst the first to leap beyond the established creative norms. And Fashionbuddha, an animation studio in Old Town Portland, thrives off this innate quest for innovation. “We’re a unique studio from the standpoint that we have animation and interactive under the same roof,” explains founder and Executive Director Robert Lewis.

Fashionbuddha got its start ten years ago creating high-end flash websites but has since expanded into mobile apps, interactive installations and broadcast animation. “We were all under the same roof at the beginning because it made sense with those projects but now we’ve splintered to some degree and it’s just as exciting,” says Lewis. Continue reading... “Case Study: Fashionbuddha Shares the Monterey Bay Love”

A Million Moments Stops in Portland

Earlier this year, Twentieth Century Fox launched A Year of a Million Moments, celebrating movies made memorable, quotable and unforgettable by the people who watch and embrace them. In addition to the online contest, polls and quizzes, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has launched a mobile van tour zigzagging across the country to 18-cities over 14-weeks with the ultimate goal of donating 1 million DVDs.

The mobile tour gives film fanatics and consumers nationwide the opportunity to recreate their favorite scenes from beloved Fox movies, filmed against a green screen.  Continue reading... “A Million Moments Stops in Portland”

A Million Movies a Minute Releases new DVD

A Million Movies a Minute is an independent documentary distributor based in Portland, Oregon.  AMMAM specializes in short films  and its inaugural release After the War: Life post-Yugoslavia featured 9 short documentaries from 5 award-winning, international film-makers including Jasmila Žbanic, winner of the Golden Bear award at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival. Continue reading... “A Million Movies a Minute Releases new DVD”

Featured Video: Portland, Oregon

Oh Stumptown…

A video to sell Portland. Tough. If you are familiar with the region, you know what an easy sell it is. Ohhh, but try condensing it into a 3:00-4:00 minute video. Sockeye has deep Portland roots—so it was a labor of love. After 15 months of shooting at countless locations, and 80 hours of footage they clearly left a lot on the cutting room floor.

The goal was to show the evolution of Portland. Sure people know it is green, western and outdoorsy. Continue reading... “Featured Video: Portland, Oregon”