Why indie films need creative marketing

Show biz on an indie budget takes creative marketing.

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This summer, Willamette Week, Portland’s Pulitzer-winning paper of a juicy half-of-a-million readers, reviewed a press release from Hapstance Films, and look what happened — an engaging full-paged story in last week’s issue. Check it out here. Continue reading... “Why indie films need creative marketing”

Another Big One: Randall Jahnson—ISA Third Thursdays PDX—May 16th

Screenwriters & Filmmakers —

Don’t miss 2019’s 5th installment of ISA THIRD THURSDAYS event, May 16!

This month’s mixer for Portland area screenwriters and filmmakers features guest speaker screenwriter and educator, RANDALL JAHNSON, whose produced credits include: Dudes, The Doors, The Mask of Zorro, Sunset Strip and episodes of the HBO series Tales from the Crypt.

If you’ve never heard Randall talk about screenwriting, he’ll wake you up! If you have, you know he always does! Especially when he talks about the projects he’s working on now. Continue reading... “Another Big One: Randall Jahnson—ISA Third Thursdays PDX—May 16th”

How Do You “Break In” And Get Your Project Made?

We were recently approached by, Theo Friedman, a University of Oregon business alumnus, with an idea to create a report for the rookie filmmaker that would look at providing some answers to how projects get made.  Oregon Film, in conjunction with the University of Oregon’s Film Organization,  was able to introduce Friedman to a handful of Oregon filmmaker insiders and once all the information was in, Friedman created his report, that if you are curious you can check out here:

Film Financing – An Outsider’s Guide“. Continue reading... “How Do You “Break In” And Get Your Project Made?”

Oregon Poetic Cinema Filmmaker Jack Nicholson Turns 80

‘Five Easy Pieces’ 1970: Karen Black and Jack Nicholson

This is an excerpt from the photo book being written by Oregon Filmmaker Katherine Wilson:

50 Years of Oregon Film, from Hollywood to Cinematic Literary Voices 1968 -2018

Five Easy Pieces & Poetic Cinema: the 1st Oregon Film of Jack Nicholson

There is a quote I love from Jack Nicholson about the low budget existential westerns he made in the early 60’s with Director Monte Hellman (Ride in the Whirl Wind & The Shooting) for Roger Corman: “Roger wanted some good Tomahawk numbers with plenty of Ketchup, but Monte and I were into these films on another level.” Continue reading... “Oregon Poetic Cinema Filmmaker Jack Nicholson Turns 80”

What is it Like to Work on “Grimm”, “Portlandia” & “The Librarians”?


OregonLive found out in a piece that Kristi Turnquist put out last week showcasing a handful of professionals working in TV, in Oregon. “LA vs. Portland?”, “How did you get your start?”, “Can local actors make a living in Portland?”, “What is the Portland TV and film scene?” were some of the questions asked, and answered.  Read more here.

Fox12 has also been highlighting Oregon crew, vendors and services in their “More Good Morning Oregon” segment – highlights are: Spydercam, 360 Lab’s VR technology, stuntman Kent Lutrell, propmaster Tim Oakley, and SPFX makeup for Grimm, Ravenous Studios. Continue reading... “What is it Like to Work on “Grimm”, “Portlandia” & “The Librarians”?”

FOX12 Highlights Local Stuntman, Kent Luttrell


Fox12 highlights local stuntman, Kent Luttrell, who has doubled actors from Danny Devito to Michael J. Fox. Luttrell got his start as  “the body”, Ray Brower, in the classic movie, “Stand By Me” (shot in Brownsville 30 years ago this year).

Read more: http://www.kptv.com/Clip/12133141/portland-stuntman-shares-stories-of-life-behind-the-scenes#ixzz3x4gQ3E4K
Continue reading... “FOX12 Highlights Local Stuntman, Kent Luttrell”

Fox12’s Highlights Two More Locals In Their “More Movies” Series


Fox12’s “More” series has been focussing on “More Movies” and has recently highlighted two more local business owners, 360 Labs and Greg McMickle.

360 Labs, an Oregon-based production company, is hoping to put Portland on the growing virtual reality map. 360 Labs specializes in “360º immersive panoramic photography and video.”  Their goal is to create “meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop and mobile applications.says virtual reality videos will be the next big thing in 2016.” Continue reading... “Fox12’s Highlights Two More Locals In Their “More Movies” Series”

OPB’s Emmy Award-Winning Local Arts Series Goes Behind The Scenes With The Artists of “Grimm”

Watch OPB’s Art Beat and meet some of the talented Oregon crew that create the props, construct the “Wesen” special FX make up, and other artists of “Grimm”. Continue reading... “OPB’s Emmy Award-Winning Local Arts Series Goes Behind The Scenes With The Artists of “Grimm””

Oregon Art Beat To Showcase “The Art of Grimm”

Behind the scenes shooting of "Grimm"  (NBC Universal)
Behind the scenes shooting of “Grimm” (NBC Universal)

The Oregon Art Beat Special, “The Art of Grimm“, is set to air April 30th.  The show employs talented and skilled Oregonians that, each week, help bring the show to life.  Oregon Art Beat will be meeting  the creative team behind this NBC Universal’s hit drama.  They will go behind the scenes, “getting to know some of the Oregon artists who design, manufacture and decorate the “look” of this locally shot fantasy series, and that bring the spookiness to life.” Continue reading... “Oregon Art Beat To Showcase “The Art of Grimm””

Polluted Pictures premieres new film online

Director of last year’s Cell Count makes new short film “M is for Marriage” to be considered as part of the ABC’s of Death 2 anthology film.

PORTLAND, Oregon (October 28, 2013)  Polluted Pictures (Cell Count) and Lyon Films (The Tell) are proud to announce their new film “M is for Marriage” is now available for viewing on the ABC’s of Death 2 search for the 26th Director competition page.  The film is currently in 4th place in over 250+ entries from around the world. Continue reading... “Polluted Pictures premieres new film online”