Oregon Film is Seeking Your Input

As you may know already, Oregon Film and the Portland Film Office are working with Teresa Koberstein and Assembly Arts to look into the viability of developing a new soundstage facility and filmmaker/music/creators campus at the Portland Expo Center.  This is the first steps of what may be a long process but one of the […]

Evening Classes At The Art of Makeup School

Once a year The Art of Makeup School offers a night schedule.  This year’s evening program begins this Monday September 27th. Schedule is Mon-Thurs from 6-9, except for the last day Fri Nov 19th. The Fashion Makeup Artistry Program includes Corrective Beauty, Fashion & Media, Decade Makeup, and Hairstyling for Production & Media, Career Marketing, […]

Outside the Frame: Riders in the Storm

Outside the Frame hosts a screening of new films from their members – good films about a bad year by homeless and marginalized youth – at the Hollywood Theatre on September 30. This screening features a variety of short films: music videos about the Movement for Black Lives featuring Mic Crenshaw and the Oregon Symphony, […]

Union & Guilds Update the “Return to Work” Agreement

While it’s true that new COVID cases are increasing in all 50 states and a focus on caution and safety must still be at the forefront of all productions’ planning, SAG-AFTRA, the Directors Guild of America, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Basic Crafts, together with the Alliance of […]

Oregon OSHA Adopts New Standards for Heat & Wildfires

Oregon OSHA has adopted new standards for Heat and Wildfires. Unions and Guilds of the Oregon AFL-CIO have been discussing these standards since last year’s wildfires. With the recent heat wave costing the lives of over 200 people in the PNW these standards could not be more timely. Below is a brief description quoted from […]

Asian Representation in Upcoming Short Film, “Julia”

Emma Duvall, a Portland-based Korean American filmmaker, saw first hand the lack of diversity in the film industry. Stories told from the Asian American perspective often go untold, and roles for Asian women can be few and far between. Seeking to increase representation, Emma wrote her short film, “Julia”. Emma based the film on her […]

Oregon Film Welcomes New Legislation – Focusing on DEI and Increasing & Expanding Programs

During the last legislative session three new bills were passed that directly effect the work of Oregon Film (OFVO). These bills had the support of the Governor as well as bipartisan support in both chambers of the Oregon state legislature. The first of these bills passed in the form of HB3010. This bill passed in […]

Contagious Disease Liability Coverage Is Finally Here!

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the serious threat that contagious diseases can pose to an entire economy. The entertainment and hospitality sectors and supporting industries were some of the hardest hit. Major projects have been put on hold due to the lack of insurance and the fear of multiple avenues for lawsuits. However, help […]

“CONTACTEE” is now streaming on Amazon

A bunch of broke nobodies making a film in rural Oregon isn’t an easy proposition… Sometime in 2016 I spoke to a group of confidants about making a movie on the sly. The plan was to keep expectations low and develop something we could be proud of but not, per se, something that should or […]

The Art of Makeup Night School

The Art of Makeup School evening schedule is offered once a year and begins this April 5th.  All classes are offered in person and following all CDC recommended guidelines and production protocol for makeup artists. You can see what we have been doing here Safety Blog GRADUATES FOR HIRE The Art of Makeup School also […]