Film Tourism On The Agenda At The People’s Coast Summit, Astoria

Erik Nachtrieb, CEO, SetJetters (Photo: SetJetters)

This year the People’s Coast Summit 2023, took place in Astoria, Oregon. Hosted by the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, Erik Nachtrieb (CEO, SetJetters) was invited to present a keynote address on Film Tourism, and how travel organizations can embrace this growing tourism sector. The Oregon Film Trail is partnered with SetJetters to raise Oregon’s filmed history profile, both within our Oregon communities and beyond the state boundaries.

Below are some key takeaways from Nachtrieb’s presentation:

  1. Film tourism is a $66B dollar industry and is described by Expedia Group as the new direction of travel.
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Vampira: Glamour Ghoul

The Oregon Film Museum and the Astoria International Film Festival present an evening of Vampira on Friday, October 27 at the Liberty Theater in Astoria.  It is a free event beginning at 7:00 pm, doors open at 6:00 pm.

Actress Maila Nurmi—better known as her alter-ego, TV’s original horror host Vampira—lived in Astoria from 1939-1941, graduating from high school here and working to save enough money to try her hand at Hollywood fame. Before starring in her character’s eponymously-named Vampira Show or in director Ed Wood’s cult-classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, Maila passed her days in Astoria dancing the jitterbug and driving the local bookmobile. Continue reading... “Vampira: Glamour Ghoul”

Movies On Morrison

Movies on Morrison starts Wednesday, October 11

To celebrate Portland’s production and media industry and to support local businesses and boost engagement within the Central City, the Events and Film Office at Prosper Portland is excited to activate downtown Portland vacant storefronts with a series of movies and TV shows filmed and/or produced here in Portland.

During Every Wednesday’s lunch hour in October, downtown street windows will come alive with screenings of film and TV content among displays inspired by the productions such as: LAIKA’s The Story So Far, James Beard Award-winning All the Homies Network, and NBC Universal’s Grimm. Continue reading... “Movies On Morrison”

AM NorthWest Gets Updated With Tim Williams’ On The Oregon Film Trail & Set-Jetting In Oregon

In case you missed it, Tim Williams (Executive Director, Oregon Film) gives an Oregon Film Trail update to KATU. If you would like to know more about Oregon’s contribution to set-jetting (AKA Film Tourism) please get in touch. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Oregon Film – Do You Know Who We Are and What We Do? (June 2023)

“What does Oregon Film do?”  Do you know?

We’re the state film office. Or, the State Film Commission. Or, Oregon Film as some call it. And, as such, we are tasked with growing the film, television, commercial, interactive, and media industry here in Oregon. We bring attention to, elevate, and support the industry in many different ways.

Project support. We think that Customer Service means a great deal. Therefore, we make sure we are responsive, it doesn’t matter if a project is big or small, from out-of-state, or coming from one of our local producers or companies. Continue reading... “Oregon Film – Do You Know Who We Are and What We Do? (June 2023)”

@TheDailyWoo Experiences Some ’80s Movie Magic At The Short Circuit House, Astoria

Adam at the @TheDailyWoo , or better known as, Adam-The-Woo, describes himself as an “80’s pop culture nerd with a desire to travel and video what I see.” What better place to check out some ’80’s movie locations than our very own Astoria on Oregon’s North Coast? Adam recently explored the incredible Short Circuit house and gives us a fantastically detailed look at this Airbnb asset in Astoria. Give it a watch.

With set-jetting seemingly exponentially expanding inside the tourism space, this is a prime example of what visiting, experiencing, and staying overnight in a real film location looks like. Continue reading... “@TheDailyWoo Experiences Some ’80s Movie Magic At The Short Circuit House, Astoria”

The Confused Breakfast Podcast Visits The Short Circuit House In Astoria

Our friends at the Confused Breakfast podcast are at it again – they just made their second field trip to Astoria and this time to visit the Short Circuit House. 

The Confused Breakfast podcast takes its listeners and viewers on a “nostalgic journey back to the movie rental store era and the amazing movies from our childhood that we all know and love. With the benefit of 20+ years of hindsight, we revisit and dissect these classic movies to see if they still move us the way they did as kids. Continue reading... “The Confused Breakfast Podcast Visits The Short Circuit House In Astoria”

Expedia Calls Set-Jetting (Film Tourism)The Travel Trend Of 2023


Did you know over 100 million people a year are inspired to travel by movies and TV?  

Our Oregon Film Trail partner, and Seattle company, SetJetters, has already built the app for this kind of “Film Tourism”!  SetJetters has digitized an $8 billion dollar tourism industry and put it all in one place.

The concept of Film Tourism (Set-Jetting) was explained last week on the Today Show and explores the statement from Expedia that Set-Jetting is the travel trend of 2023! Continue reading... “Expedia Calls Set-Jetting (Film Tourism)The Travel Trend Of 2023”

The Goonies House Is For Sale! (Update – It Just Sold!)

It seems fitting that our partners at SetJetters took to their blog to post this great update on the “Goonies House” – hitting the market in Astoria next week.

Will the Goon Docks go to Developers?

By Erik Nachtrieb (SetJetters CEO & CoFounder)

Once a Goonie, Always a Goonie! This time the Goonies House isn’t in foreclosure. Could it go to developers or be your $400K/year investment property?

The Goonies House, built in 1896, sits high above the quaint city of Astoria, Oregon USA in an area that reflects the “Goon Docks”.

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Oregon Film: Who We Are & What We Do (Update 2022)

What has Oregon Film been up to? – After assuring our industry worked so well through the turbulent pandemic period with several projects of all sizes, 2022 started off with a slow down. Needless to say, Oregon is still attractive and a great place to bring your creative production. Recently we worked with the state legislature and partners like the OMPA and the IATSE and SAG-AFTRA unions to increase the film and media cash rebate percentages from 18% to 25%. In addition, the annual funding for the OPIF program increased from $14M to $20M. Continue reading... “Oregon Film: Who We Are & What We Do (Update 2022)”