Fox12 Showcases Local Prop Master, Tim Oakley, On “More Good Day Oregon”


Tim Oakley, local Prop Master, has created props for many local projects, “Grimm”, “The Librarians”, “Leverage” and “Portlandia”, as well as dozens of global productions, such as, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Jurassic World” and “Star Trek” to name a few.

The other segments that Fox12 have showcased are below:

Kent Luttrell – Stuntman

Spydercam – extreme rigging company

360 Labs and Greg McMickle – Virtual Reality + Production Designer and Props Continue reading... “Fox12 Showcases Local Prop Master, Tim Oakley, On “More Good Day Oregon””

FOX12 Highlights Local Stuntman, Kent Luttrell


Fox12 highlights local stuntman, Kent Luttrell, who has doubled actors from Danny Devito to Michael J. Fox. Luttrell got his start as  “the body”, Ray Brower, in the classic movie, “Stand By Me” (shot in Brownsville 30 years ago this year).

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Fox12’s Highlights Two More Locals In Their “More Movies” Series


Fox12’s “More” series has been focussing on “More Movies” and has recently highlighted two more local business owners, 360 Labs and Greg McMickle.

360 Labs, an Oregon-based production company, is hoping to put Portland on the growing virtual reality map. 360 Labs specializes in “360º immersive panoramic photography and video.”  Their goal is to create “meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop and mobile applications.says virtual reality videos will be the next big thing in 2016.” Continue reading... “Fox12’s Highlights Two More Locals In Their “More Movies” Series”

Fox12 Showcases Local, International Rigging Company, Spdyercam


Oregonian, Todd’ “Hammer” Semmes,  co-founded Spydercam, with Tim “Doc” Drnec, over 20 years ago in Hood River.  Their unique creative rigging company has assisted over 60 feature films to get those often “impossible” looking shots by rigging their suspended camera systems with precision and creativity that does not compare to other traditional methods.  With offices in Oregon, Colorado, (and equipment in Los Angeles and New York), Spydercam has significantly contributed to such movies as; “Transformer”, “Spyderman” , “The Avengers”, “The Life Of Pi”, “Mission Impossible I, II and II”,  (see all their credits here.) Continue reading... “Fox12 Showcases Local, International Rigging Company, Spdyercam”

#OregonMade “Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill” Released April 12

The documentary co-directed by Portland based director Brian Lindstrom and Andy Brown is being released in theaters and on streaming platforms on April 12.

This is the never-before-told story of folk-rock icon Judee Sill, who in just two years went from living in a car to appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. The documentary charts her troubled adolescence through her meteoric rise in the music world and early tragic death. Featuring Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Fleet Foxes, David Geffen, and more. Continue reading... “#OregonMade “Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill” Released April 12”

#OregonMade Film Series: Angelina Jolie in “Foxfire” – March 2

Before Lara Croft, before MR. & MRS. SMITH, even before GIRL, INTERRUPTED, Angelina Jolie came to Portland to appear in one of her earliest films. She makes a dramatic entrance to save Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis from a predatory high school teacher in this poignant adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ story. Suspended after a handwritten note goes viral in the pre-Tik Tok days, Jolie’s Legs Sadovsky brings together a disparate group of young women in an abandoned house in mid 1990’s Portland. Continue reading... “#OregonMade Film Series: Angelina Jolie in “Foxfire” – March 2”

Tom Kane’s Film Production Workshop, April 11 and 12

2015_workshop_PORTLANDOn April 11th and 12th, Tom Kane is bringing a 2-Day Film Production Workshop to Portland, Oregon. Tom has had a long and distinguished career in the Film and Television industry. As a Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director, his clients have included Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax Films, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., ABC Motion Pictures, Universal Pictures, Turner Network Television, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Hallmark Entertainment.

Tom’s Film Credits include: Kramer vs. Kramer, Prizzi’s Honor, Raging Bull, The Flamingo Kid, Taxi Driver, The Stepford Wives, Crossfire Trail, Swimming to Cambodia. Continue reading... “Tom Kane’s Film Production Workshop, April 11 and 12”

The NW Animation Festival is Coming Up: May 12-18


May 12-18, 2014 

Join us next month for the biggest animation festival in the United States


Northwest Animation Festival
Where: Portland, Oregon USA
Venue: Hollywood Theatre
Tickets: $5-$15 single shows
$60 all-festival pass ($114 value!)
on sale soon

International Shorts
Friday-Sunday May 16-18
See 174 of this year’s best short films from around the world. Hilarious, dramatic, strange and inspiring… Have you ever watched the Oscars and wondered where those nominees for Best Animated Short are coming from? This is the place to find out!

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PLAYA Screenwriter’s Residency Awarded to Two Projects

This year’s PLAYA Screenwriter’s Residency Award has been granted to two projects and three writers – David Poulshock and his project “Captain Jack” and KatMeow García & Rebeca Alamo González for their project “Dance and Resist.” Each project team will receive an up to two week residency at PLAYA Summer Lake and a $1000 stipend to develop their stories and scripts deep within the inspirational Oregon Outback.

This year’s award was open to Oregon Resident filmmakers, screenwriters and other creative teams  to develop and write a narrative project with a “historic” theme that is set in the Northwest while the story itself was to focus on people, cultures, traditions, events or communities that are not traditionally covered or heard from. Continue reading... “PLAYA Screenwriter’s Residency Awarded to Two Projects”

Athena’s Gem Theatre – Getting A New Lease Of Life



The community of Athena come together to form a volunteer work party to restore theri town theatre.

The Gem Theatre is located in Athena—a small, community surrounded by wheat fields in the northeast corner of Oregon. The theatre showed its first “moving pictures” in 1909 and closed in 1968. Four decades of decay followed—an all too common tale of theatres lost forever. But, in the case of the Gem, a handful of determined volunteers intervened beginning in 2004. Continue reading... “Athena’s Gem Theatre – Getting A New Lease Of Life”