#OregonMade Film Series: Angelina Jolie in “Foxfire” – March 2

Before Lara Croft, before MR. & MRS. SMITH, even before GIRL, INTERRUPTED, Angelina Jolie came to Portland to appear in one of her earliest films. She makes a dramatic entrance to save Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis from a predatory high school teacher in this poignant adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ story. Suspended after a handwritten note goes viral in the pre-Tik Tok days, Jolie’s Legs Sadovsky brings together a disparate group of young women in an abandoned house in mid 1990’s Portland. As they “run with the foxes” they form a bond to explore love, combat toxic masculinity and rise beyond their own demons and a system that has let them down. And you’ll never drive across the Broadway Bridge without looking up ever again.

“Foxfire” is being shown as part of Feminist March 2023 at the Hollywood Theatre on March 2 at 730p.

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Watch the trailer here:

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