Case 71; a Perfect Arc Productions piece

Hello all We are interested in producing a historical documentary about one of Oregon’s Oldest Cold Homicide cases solved in 2010 by OSP (Oregon State Police) Perfect Arc Productions is a newly founded crew of extremely talented graduates who decided to push forward and develop on our own. Working with the resources of testimony and […]

BENT Does Coke in Europe

Football (Soccer) insanity is personified in a new 3D collaboration between Santo, (Buenos Aires, London, Milan) and Bent Image Lab, (Portland Oregon). Helmed by mixed-media maestro Carlos Lascano, “Spirit of the Euro” is an outrageous romp through stylized landscapes of Eastern Europe with an eccentric cast of chameleonic characters. The Coke-drinking, silly dancing, trumpet blowing, […]

“Persephone:” a Live-action, CGI-infused Short Film

During the turn of the 19th century, in a tiny town nestled somewhere in the Netherlands, a husband and wife had once run a very unsuccessful candy shop. Desperate, broke and starving they had decided to trade their souls to a demon in exchange for a recipe that would teach them how to make the […]

Portland’s Hinge Digital Creates VFX for Brightwood

For Hinge Digital, creating the visual effects for Brightwood was a chance to bring Hollywood-caliber visual effects to an independent locally produced short film. Combining themes of childhood innocence and the search for home and family, the film juxtaposes a young girl’s real and imaginary lives. The film veterans at Hinge Digital helped bridge the […]

Hinge Digital Works with Sockeye Creative on a new Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial

Over the last couple of years Hinge Digital has built up an impressive reputation as a go to place for all things animation.  As a result more and more agencies and clients are taking notice.  Recently Hinge worked with Sockeye Creative on this commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods. That’s not all they’ve been working on.  […]

LAIKA House – Behind the Scenes of a new Honda commercial

We often talk about Oregon being a great place for car commercials.  Of course usually we mean live action commercials.  This youtube video shows the behind the scenes of LAIKA House’s recent commercial for the Honda Pilot.  This video really shows off the technical expertise and craftmanship of Oregon’s Animation industry.

LAIKA Acquires Rights to Develop Colin Meloy’s and Carson Ellis’ “Wildwood”

Today LAIKA announced it has optioned the film rights to the recently released novel “Wildwood”.  The novel was written by Decemberists front man Colin Meloy with the book illustrations done by Carson Ellis.  This announcement is more proof that Oregon’s creative industry is in full swing on many different levels and now those entities are […]

Case Study: Fashionbuddha Shares the Monterey Bay Love

Oregon-based companies pride themselves on being amongst the first to leap beyond the established creative norms. And Fashionbuddha, an animation studio in Old Town Portland, thrives off this innate quest for innovation. “We’re a unique studio from the standpoint that we have animation and interactive under the same roof,” explains founder and Executive Director Robert […]

Case Study: Pipeworks’ “Zumba Fitness” Tops Global Charts

One of the cool things about the animation/VFX industry is that it’s continually evolving beyond the established parameters. The artistry of a well generated scene or special effects sequence is now no longer confined to a piece of film, but has also begun to take on an interactive element as video games move closer to […]

Case Study: Hive FX brings VFX sizzle to “A Walk in My Shoes”

Filmed entirely in and around Portland, A Walk In My Shoes tells the story of a stressed-out high school teacher who wrecks her car and finds herself living in the shoes of the mother of one of her students – a woman she had previously judged and criticized. The movie features over 40 special effects […]