Hinge Digital’s All-CG Spot for Renault



What car powers through all seasons?  The Mégane by Renault, perfectly envisioned using full CG and VFX – no live action shoot needed.

In collaboration with directing team Andrew Nawrot and Sonja Jasansky, the Hinge creative team developed this all-CG spot for the Renault Mégane in just under two weeks. The spot features dramatic lighting as well as naturalistic visual effects of water, smoke and haze.

More pictures of the design process and storyboards can be seen on Hinge Digital’s website: http://hingedigital.com/projects/renault-megane/ Continue reading... “Hinge Digital’s All-CG Spot for Renault”

“Little Leaks” a Big Deal for Local Animation Company

CMD and Hinge Digital teamed up to deliver a fun, informative and engaging campaign for NW Natural. “Little Leaks” was conceived as a collaboration between CMD and the Hinge creative team. Hinge created four unique 3D egg characters. The eggs are lighthearted and fun visual storytellers in a spot that educates viewers on how to recognize and react to a gas leak. Continue reading... ““Little Leaks” a Big Deal for Local Animation Company”

Hinge Digital’s Campaign for Carrington College

Hinge Digital, the Portland-based animation and visual effects studio, has been working through the summer months on a brand new character-based campaign for Carrington College.
The studio expanded their core team with animation, design and production talent sourced from the animation mecca of Portland, as well as from the Bay Area and LA. They designed, developed and animated original 3D spokes-characters, “Blue” and “Goldie,”along with “Squirrel,” which are now prominently featured in Carrington’s broadcast, print, online, and social media campaigns, and will soon be available as toys and other collectibles at the college’s book stores. 
Continue reading... “Hinge Digital’s Campaign for Carrington College”

BENT Does Coke in Europe

Football (Soccer) insanity is personified in a new 3D collaboration between Santo, (Buenos Aires, London, Milan) and Bent Image Lab, (Portland Oregon). Helmed by mixed-media maestro Carlos Lascano, “Spirit of the Euro” is an outrageous romp through stylized landscapes of Eastern Europe with an eccentric cast of chameleonic characters. The Coke-drinking, silly dancing, trumpet blowing, costume wearing, song chanting, stranger hugging football fans are a unique combination of CG animation and real actors’ eyes—a first for Coca-Cola, and a ground breaking technique for cinema 3D stereo. Continue reading... “BENT Does Coke in Europe”