Hinge Digital’s Campaign for Carrington College

Hinge Digital, the Portland-based animation and visual effects studio, has been working through the summer months on a brand new character-based campaign for Carrington College.

The studio expanded their core team with animation, design and production talent sourced from the animation mecca of Portland, as well as from the Bay Area and LA. They designed, developed and animated original 3D spokes-characters, “Blue” and “Goldie,”along with “Squirrel,” which are now prominently featured in Carrington’s broadcast, print, online, and social media campaigns, and will soon be available as toys and other collectibles at the college’s book stores. 

The campaign debuts with a unique branding spot titled “Squirrel.” The all CG spot features no spoken copy or voiceover, relying on the animation and sound design to communicate the brand’s message. “Squirrel” will be followed up by a second spot, airing in September, that will integrate “Blue” and “Goldie” into a live-action environment. The live-action for this spot, shot here in Oregon, was a collaboration between Hinge Digital and Lyon Films.

Over the course of the campaign, Carrington will be releasing additional animated scenes staged as blooper outtakes from the broadcast spots to their video sharing sites and social media outlets. To learn more about Hinge Digital’s experience and latest work, go to hingedigital.com.

For production inquiries, please contact Mary Ida Bonadio (Midwest region) or Ramiro Gomez (everywhere else).
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