Hinge Digital’s All-CG Spot for Renault



What car powers through all seasons?  The Mégane by Renault, perfectly envisioned using full CG and VFX – no live action shoot needed.

In collaboration with directing team Andrew Nawrot and Sonja Jasansky, the Hinge creative team developed this all-CG spot for the Renault Mégane in just under two weeks. The spot features dramatic lighting as well as naturalistic visual effects of water, smoke and haze.

More pictures of the design process and storyboards can be seen on Hinge Digital’s website: http://hingedigital.com/projects/renault-megane/


Brand: Renault
Product: Mégane

Creative Production: Hinge Digital
Executive Producer: Roland Gauthier
Director: Andrew Nawrot, Sonja Jasansky
VFX Supervisor: Michael Kuehn
Animation Director: Alex Tysowsky
Production Manager: Tiffany Navarro
Production Design: Tyler Kenworthy
Modeling: Josh LaFayette
Rigging: Josh LaFayette
Animation: Keith Sizemore
Matte Painting & Texturing: Tyler Kenworthy
Look Development & Shading: Jonathan Beals, Tyler Kenworthy
Lighting: Jonathan Beals, Andrew Nawrot
Compositing: Terell Seitz, Andrew Nawrot
Sound Design: Pyata G. Penedo, Christopher James Thomas

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