Case 71; a Perfect Arc Productions piece

Hello all

We are interested in producing a historical documentary about one of Oregon’s Oldest Cold Homicide cases solved in 2010 by OSP (Oregon State Police)

Perfect Arc Productions is a newly founded crew of extremely talented graduates who decided to push forward and develop on our own. Working with the resources of testimony and case file facts we are diligently pursuing the producing and filming of the people to came together, using modern technology and  the tenacity of the detectives  to give this 42 year old case the rest it so desperately deserves.

With Case 71 as Perfect Arc’s Flagship Documentary we are looking for help with Public Relations on getting the buzz going on this amazing and tragic story.

No one deserves to be forgotten and lost in the files….help us tell the world of her story!

Currently we have 10 days left on our campaign (link provided Below) and are about to launch a campaign on in order to aid in principle funding.

This is a story of Oregonians, solved by Oregonians, filmed by Oregonians…This is one of our historical tales. Help us spread the word and develop as a Simple, Small, Talented crew who wear many hats…

Thank you for your support, and stay up to date on the latest developments as we finish our pre-production tasks and begin principle photography

-Dennis Bryce Yaws (Co Founder of Perfect Arc Productions)  (Current Campaign Page)

This is one of the few remaining photos lost to time, history, and tragedy. Joyce Cross with family dog in 1971
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