Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting

Our clients aSkypanel S60 Cre  saving significantly thanks to wider adoption of the new LED lighting technology. The potential power  differential can as as great as 75% when compared to incandescent lighting. Although LED lighting has been around for a decade it’s use in Film/ TV production has been limited largely to panel lights. Which were mainly used in field production. In that context they were competing to replace existing fixtures which pulled less than 15 Amps. Which is the capacity of most household plugs. Continue reading... “Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting”

Mushrooms Are Now A Solution For Eco-Minded Set Designers


Ecovative, a US company, is leading the way in manufacturing environmentally-friendly products that could change the way set designers and prop makers use materials.  Their product, Myco Foam, made from mycelium, corn stalks/ husks and other agricultural waste, is manufactured through a special “growing” process and can replace any kind of Styrofoam that is used on set.  Pretty great, right?  Read more from our Green Film Shooting friends in Europe, and how you can try it. Continue reading... “Mushrooms Are Now A Solution For Eco-Minded Set Designers”

Green Production Gets Some Traction, Pre COP21

European Ecoprod and Film4Climate, joined forces, prior to COP21, to bring their collaboration to producers and crew members, in a one day workshop in Paris.  In addition to offering Best Green Practices, and information on carbon free production to filmmakers, the workshop introduced other tools to help green production, many of them similar to the resources Oregon Film has highlighted for go-green shows here in our state.  As the subject of climate change heats up, more and more production personnel are beginning to look at green options, especially if there is little, or no cost increase.  Continue reading... “Green Production Gets Some Traction, Pre COP21”

Celebrate Earth Day! See Oregon’s First Lady, Cylvia Hayes’ Earth Hour Challenge Monster Makeover!


(Video was shot by Clackamas Community College Digital Media students)

We blogged recently about the “I Will If You Will” challenge campaign that the World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour created.  It was a way for them to encourage conversation and positive action for the environment.  Many high profile companies and individuals around the world created their own challenges, including Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s First Lady. Ms. Hayes agreed to be made-up into a “Wesen” monster (by the special effects make-up artists from the NBC Universal show, “Grimm”) if one thousand people agreed to take a stand against the haunting of the “phantom load” in homes and offices everywhere, by unplugging unused electronics!   Continue reading... “Celebrate Earth Day! See Oregon’s First Lady, Cylvia Hayes’ Earth Hour Challenge Monster Makeover!”

Bent Image Lab Shows “Recycling Is A Beautiful Thing”

Bent Image Lab has a new stop motion animated commercial they did for Arrowhead’s new 500ml ReBorn TM bottle called, “Recycling is a Beautiful Thing”.  The campaign idea and concept is by Ad Agency Threshold Interactive, produced by Bent Image Lab and directed by Bent’s Solomon Burbridge.

Burbridge says,“The awareness aspect in this spot is really important. If everyone were more aware about the things that we were accidentally  throwing away, we would be able to use a lot more recycled material in the bottles that are made.” Continue reading... “Bent Image Lab Shows “Recycling Is A Beautiful Thing””

Will Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s First Lady, Be Transformed Into A “Wesen” Monster?

Hopefully, wherever you are, you will be in the dark on Saturday, 23rd March, between the hour of 8.30 and 9.30PM!  Join many from around the world and turn off your lights in honor of The World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour 2013.

Now in its second year, the WWF’s Earth Hour challenge aims to empower individuals, businesses and even governments to bring a lasting conversation and commitment to environmental issues.  Earth Hour describes their challenge best, “The idea is simple. Someone makes a promise to do something if a certain number of people commit to take an ongoing action for the environment, beyond Earth Hour.” Continue reading... “Will Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s First Lady, Be Transformed Into A “Wesen” Monster?”

Considering Switching to LEDs For Your (Green) Production Lighting Needs?


Right here in Oregon, tucked away in Hillsboro since 2007, is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry.  Meet Zylight LLC, they build “easy-to-use LED lighting systems based on state-of-the-art technologies, producing fully calibrated bright white light, as well as any color – forever eliminating gels.”  Zylight was formed in 2004 to bring “new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and creativity to the realm of film and video lighting”.

It is gratifying seeing more and more suppliers switching to LED’s as it’s about as green as it gets when it comes to lighting. Continue reading... “Considering Switching to LEDs For Your (Green) Production Lighting Needs?”

Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees

Dean Devlin, Producer Leverage, Senator Ginny Burdick (picture Frank DiMarco)

The Oregon Film & Television Office thanked Leverage for four great seasons shooting in the Portland Metro area by donating four trees to be planted in metro neighborhoods through the  Friends Of Trees non-profit program.  Leverage’s Producer, Dean Devlin,  was presented with a certificate noting the dates and neighborhoods the trees will be planted by Senator Ginny Burdick (and, naturally, the certificate was printed on 100% recycled, FSC certified paper).  Continue reading... “Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees”

Sustainable Business Oregon Talks Green Impact

Lee van Der Voo, a contributing writer for Sustainable Business Oregon contacted our office last week to find out more about sustainable production efforts and practices that are taking place on set and in production offices in Oregon.  You can read the whole article in their news section here.

Sustainable Business Oregon is a “publication of the Portland Business Journal, dedicated to covering the news and issues at the intersection of business and sustainability.”

We continue to work on green initiatives and we are always interested in collaborating on ways to help production be greener.  Continue reading... “Sustainable Business Oregon Talks Green Impact”

“Grimm” Honored with Environmental Award

Shannon Schaefer Bart (Sustainable Production Manager NBC Universal) and Steve Oster (Producer, "Grimm") with the Green Award

NBC Universal’s series, “Grimm” was honored for it’s environmentally friendly production practices at the 33rd Annual Travel Portland Tourism and Hospitality Industry Awards last week.  This award recognizes environmentally friendly business practices that “help sustain Oregon’s exceptional quality of life”.

“Grimm” has utilized many local green and sustainable vendors during season 1 and plans on doing the same (and hopefully more) during season 2. Continue reading... ““Grimm” Honored with Environmental Award”