Considering Switching to LEDs For Your (Green) Production Lighting Needs?


Right here in Oregon, tucked away in Hillsboro since 2007, is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry.  Meet Zylight LLC, they build “easy-to-use LED lighting systems based on state-of-the-art technologies, producing fully calibrated bright white light, as well as any color – forever eliminating gels.”  Zylight was formed in 2004 to bring “new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and creativity to the realm of film and video lighting”.

It is gratifying seeing more and more suppliers switching to LED’s as it’s about as green as it gets when it comes to lighting.

I asked Charlie Collias, Zylight’s Director of Sales and Marketing, to explain how LED’s are creating a greener on-set environment, he told me, “our LED instruments are very environmentally conscious. We have designed a light around LED’s which is a “green” technology. What I mean by that is LED’s, as a light source, draws less energy, produces less heat, and therefore reduces the carbon footprint as well as saving money by reducing gel costs, energy costs, replacement bulbs, air conditioning and maintenance. Our LED’s life expectancy is over 50,000 hours which is about 10 years of constant use. The LED uses less energy than CFL’s and traditional bulbed lights and they can last many times longer.  Plus,  they contain no lead or mercury.”

Zylight’s F8 LED Fresnel (rain, shine or snow storm!)

LED’s create less physical waste too –  no bulbs to replace that otherwise may possibly make their way to a landfill somewhere. Zylight notes that,  “LED’s are durable and can be jarred and bumped without fear of breakage. And since most of our lights use red, green, blue, and amber LED’s, we mix them to create variable on-board color correction and a full color output, therefore no gels are needed for our lights so there are none to throw away!” Because Zylight provides a built in “Color Mode” in it’s Z90 and IS3, it allows you to “choose whatever color you need quickly and easily without taking away valuable light output or environmental concerns” and without having to use gels it therefore has no knock-down of light intensity – a double reason to not use gels anymore.

Zylight’s Z90 Light, mounted.

More and more shows that come through Oregon are asking about green vendors and services.  If you are not already listed in the (free) PGA Green’s green resource guide for Oregon, take five minutes to do so here so that producers know who and where our green vendors are.

If you are interested in more information on Zylight, or to check out their other products, you can contact:

Charlie Collias,

email: [email protected]

call: 978-244-0011




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2 thoughts on “Considering Switching to LEDs For Your (Green) Production Lighting Needs?

  1. Jane,
    Thanks you for this fantastic post. I teach at the UO and specialize in media and environment. I can’t tell you what it means to know that there are folks like you out there promoting green production! Please feel free to look me up if you or anyone you know would like to present on this topic down here in Eugene.

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