JumperCut Heads to SXSW!

 Moviemaking has always been a collaborative process, and the need for creative production of light and sound aren’t going anywhere, but the capabilities of iPhone cameras are improving phenomenally with each new version. As now we know, some filmmakers have dabbled with creating movies just with their phones and tablets, and mobile film festivals are popping up everywhere. However, the true advantage these devices offer to storytelling is their instant connect-ability. We’ve seen Twitter and CNN iReport influence world politics and this social sharing is amazing, but where’s the collaboration? And where can dialogue lead without it?

I’m writing now as a member of a startup company called JumperCut in Portland, OR that has created a patented software for collaborative video. JumperCut is collaborative video, plain and simple. We are heading to SXSW to launch our first endeavor, JumperCut, an iPhone app (compatible with iPad) and demonstrate how this unites and transforms how video makers, and anyone with an iPhone, can use their other software and clips to begin to create more dynamic work by collaborating with others in our app. Want to create a documentary about, I don’t know, surfing? How people surf all over the world? Then get in contact with other surfing enthusiasts and share a project! All contributors can upload their takes and scenes and stitch together their favorite timeline and even output a finished video straight to YouTube if you’d like. It’s awesome.

OregonFilm has shown interest in our new company and has asked us to document our trip to SXSW as ambassadors of Portland’s entrepreneurial spirit. Follow us as we continue to forge ahead, and create fun short Vlog documentaries for this blog in the coming week. In addition to following us here, download the App and give us a try!

Here’s our first video test before we leave on our trip, at the downtown Portland Outdoor store on 3rd and Oak.


Benjamin Olsen

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