JumperCut SxSW Adventure

Here we are on Sunday, looking back on the fact that the last JumperCut goes to SXSW blog entry we put in was about last Monday, and it’s obvious that SXSW became e blur… a blur of music, films, sessions, parties and nonstop interesting conversations.  The JumperCut team was all together on Tuesday, and then a couple of our team members had to leave so only Andrew, Ben and Phil remained.  This last SXSW update is a summary of the experience from our final few days, and some take-aways. Continue reading... “JumperCut SxSW Adventure”

Jumpercut Goes To SxSW: Monday

We’ve been having quite a week here at SXSW! It is absolutely insane how DENSE this event is. Everyone taking part in SX is just going about their own business and probably only hitting up about 15% of the events available to badge holders, ourselves included.
On Monday, we split up our 5 man team to cover more ground and go about our networking, promoting, and general experiencing (and capturing) of SXSW. here is a link to our vlog activity: http://d1u7aelnb7b19r.cloudfront.net/21375560-1417-47e0-a91d-1047800db558.mp4 Continue reading... “Jumpercut Goes To SxSW: Monday”

JumperCut SXSW Sunday VLOG n BLOG


Sunday was an interesting beast of a day all its own. We were all so caught up in meetings and panels all day! Good problems to have. One of the heads of Vimeo gave a talk with the creator of Star Wars: Uncut and both stopped by for demonstrations of our software with great curiosity. 🙂 I was personally editing video as it arrived in our dropbox from a graphic designer from one of our clients for most of the day, but still managed to run into Marc Maron near the PBS party and saw Paul Walker at the Fandango Lounge. Continue reading... “JumperCut SXSW Sunday VLOG n BLOG”

JumperCut At SXSW Saturday!


It’s Sunday morning and since the rest of the JumperCut team is still sleeping (the change in the clocks wasn’t kind to us), I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little bit about our experience yesterday and so far at South by Southwest. The JumperCut team members are all newbies to SxSW, and so we’re just settling into what is an enormous event, where it seems as though the entire city of austin is nothing but orange, blue, silver, black and green laniards and badges, lines of people around the block for various events, and the spotting of a movie star here and there.  Continue reading... “JumperCut At SXSW Saturday!”

JumperCut SXSW: It Begins

So here we are at SXSW! Phil picked up Amy, Lukas, and I in the evening and drove straight downtown for our badges. I knew this was going to be busy and exciting but this truly is amazing. Everyone is here to talk, learn, communicate, meet new people and showcase what new work they are ready to bring to the world stage and we fit right in.

At the end of the night we all met up and talked about the people we’d met and our different interactions with the city as it buzzes with all of this fantastic positive energy. Continue reading... “JumperCut SXSW: It Begins”

JumperCut Heads to SXSW!

 Moviemaking has always been a collaborative process, and the need for creative production of light and sound aren’t going anywhere, but the capabilities of iPhone cameras are improving phenomenally with each new version. As now we know, some filmmakers have dabbled with creating movies just with their phones and tablets, and mobile film festivals are popping up everywhere. However, the true advantage these devices offer to storytelling is their instant connect-ability. We’ve seen Twitter and CNN iReport influence world politics and this social sharing is amazing, but where’s the collaboration? Continue reading... “JumperCut Heads to SXSW!”