JumperCut At SXSW Saturday!


It’s Sunday morning and since the rest of the JumperCut team is still sleeping (the change in the clocks wasn’t kind to us), I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little bit about our experience yesterday and so far at South by Southwest. The JumperCut team members are all newbies to SxSW, and so we’re just settling into what is an enormous event, where it seems as though the entire city of austin is nothing but orange, blue, silver, black and green laniards and badges, lines of people around the block for various events, and the spotting of a movie star here and there.  The Game of Thrones pedicabs and the rain yesterday reminded us of home, but not the impromptu sighting of Paul Rudd, Reggie Watts and Sarah Silverman.  For JumperCut, we’re excited to get some visibility for our unique combination of mobile technology and filmmaking, although getting noticed is difficult when there are so many distractions for everyone.  I think if we were to levitate above ground people might, or might not, notice.  Yesterday was full of exciting discussions, and even though our display booth is a bit off the beaten path, we’ve had a lot of interest in new ways that people can make films together.  We’ve seen a number of film+technology combinations, such as our booth neighbors and new friends from WeVIdeo, Givit and others, and people are really beginning to talk about collaborative filmmaking and collaborative video.  Everyone agrees that it takes a different mindset in order to think through the who, what and where of collaborative video prospectively, but there seems to be some consensus that distributed cloud-based filmmaking is on the horizon.  The evening ended with a big thunderstorm, which helped to wash away the Oregon-like weather, ushering in some Texas sunshine for the rest of the week.  And apparently Matthew McConnaghey is in the house…   So we gotta go…

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