JumperCut SXSW: It Begins

So here we are at SXSW! Phil picked up Amy, Lukas, and I in the evening and drove straight downtown for our badges. I knew this was going to be busy and exciting but this truly is amazing. Everyone is here to talk, learn, communicate, meet new people and showcase what new work they are ready to bring to the world stage and we fit right in.

At the end of the night we all met up and talked about the people we’d met and our different interactions with the city as it buzzes with all of this fantastic positive energy. I personally met some fantastic people from all over, and the interest in our app was huge! People find out that we’re transforming video into this collaborative experience and they have to know more. Multiple times I’d walk away from having met someone with them in the App Store downloading JumperCut right away! I had thought perhaps I had simply bumped into the right people, and wondered how the others had fared. When we all gathered, it was a celebration. Every one of us had the same positive experience. When we show people what we’re doing, they’re listening, they’re trying it out, and they are inquiring further to see how they can use it in their own lives and businesses.

Of course there was also the nightlife. The air was a cool 74 degrees and windy. Just right for tee shirt weather and I was a proud human billboard with my orange Jumpercut shirt. We shot some silly clips and vines of the crowds at the Driskill and Buffalo Billiards. Check out our video Blog entry from day 1 here!   And we are only a couple days from debuting “Hiking Silver Star” which is our first collaborative film. We put the takes into JumperCut and we have 34 scenes, most with alternate takes and some alternate endings. All told, the movie has over 3 million combinations!   So many options!  Stay tuned and we will be sharing more tomorrow!

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