Jumpercut Goes To SxSW: Monday

We’ve been having quite a week here at SXSW! It is absolutely insane how DENSE this event is. Everyone taking part in SX is just going about their own business and probably only hitting up about 15% of the events available to badge holders, ourselves included.
On Monday, we split up our 5 man team to cover more ground and go about our networking, promoting, and general experiencing (and capturing) of SXSW. here is a link to our vlog activity: http://d1u7aelnb7b19r.cloudfront.net/21375560-1417-47e0-a91d-1047800db558.mp4

Two team members, Andrew and Lukas, threw on a couple of our neon orange “Jumpersuits” and walked all over town to spread the good word on JumperCut and gave the standard passerby a quick heads up on what exactly collaborative, cloud-based film making is. The jumpsuits were well received and had people turning their heads and asking “What’s JumperCut”. Upon hearing our “elevator pitch” many people started nodding their heads with that certain creative grin on their face as their mind wandered in what the possibilities were.

Our content producer Ben went to some of the Film Festival panels. He confidently walked right to the front of the press line and recorded filmmaker Harmony Korine, and the actors on the film Spring Breakers starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson. His footage of the panel was on our app first, before any other media news outlet. Ben used an SD card adapter from his T3i footage and uploaded it into JumperCut, beating Buzzfeed, IndieWire, and every other media outlet with the exclusive event videos. He met Harmony and bumped into Nick Cassavetes on the way. What a day!

Later in the afternoon, all of us got together in the main exhibition hall at an official SXSW meetup session specifically for “collaborative film”.
The meetup sessions take place in a smaller, walled-off space in the center of the hustle and bustle of the large convention floor. There were about 25 people that showed up to the session with a similar mindset, each had their own cool projects to talk about, and each seemed interested in what JumperCut could bring to the table. We were most excited, however, to speak with Casey Pugh, the man who came up with the idea for the “Star Wars: uncut” project! (If you aren’t familiar, you should definitely check it out on YouTube) he liked what we were doing, and also had his own cool ideas on how to utilize such a platform.

That evening, Andrew and Phil broke away from the rest of the pack to go to a special, invite-only shaker with a few big wigs from a company that owns major household brands. The biggest thing we took away from all our hand-shaking, interesting conversations, and bow tie straightening is this… Most Businesses large and small are starting to turn an ear to the ground, eager to find a cool, new-fangled way to market their products. Video content is still the way to go, but keeping consumers in the loop and actually letting them create the content themselves, or at least interact with said content is something that can’t be found anywhere. Everyone is in experimental waters these days. Perhaps collaborative filmmaking will be the next big thing, for film creation and businesses alike.

-Andrew Wallner

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