JumperCut SXSW Sunday VLOG n BLOG


Sunday was an interesting beast of a day all its own. We were all so caught up in meetings and panels all day! Good problems to have. One of the heads of Vimeo gave a talk with the creator of Star Wars: Uncut and both stopped by for demonstrations of our software with great curiosity. 🙂 I was personally editing video as it arrived in our dropbox from a graphic designer from one of our clients for most of the day, but still managed to run into Marc Maron near the PBS party and saw Paul Walker at the Fandango Lounge.

There was a lot more interest in JumperCut at the booth as well. Andrew’s flight was delayed and then delayed again, but after a long day of meetings, we all met up in joyous exhaustion around 10:30pm and enjoyed the festival for a few hours before turning in. Peep in on our adventure through this Youtube JumperCut! Enjoy!

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