Celebrate Earth Day! See Oregon’s First Lady, Cylvia Hayes’ Earth Hour Challenge Monster Makeover!


(Video was shot by Clackamas Community College Digital Media students)

We blogged recently about the “I Will If You Will” challenge campaign that the World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour created.  It was a way for them to encourage conversation and positive action for the environment.  Many high profile companies and individuals around the world created their own challenges, including Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s First Lady. Ms. Hayes agreed to be made-up into a “Wesen” monster (by the special effects make-up artists from the NBC Universal show, “Grimm”) if one thousand people agreed to take a stand against the haunting of the “phantom load” in homes and offices everywhere, by unplugging unused electronics!   The challenge has had a great response and as promised, Ms. Hayes was transform into a “Hexenbiest”!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

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