You are officially invited… Media Production Industry Day at the State Capitol

So don’t say you weren’t invited: We want you. We need you. Please forward, post, blog, write a letter, phone bank, take a bus, ride a carpool, Facebook and Tweet asap. But most important: Attend or support Industry Day on May 2nd. 

1) RSVP right now

2) Write a letter to your state legislator
(also at

3) Attend Industry Day in Salem.
You won’t regret it.

Governor Kitzhaber has recommended to the Oregon legislature that we expand the OPIF (Oregon Production Investment Fund) so we can recruit twice as much business into our state as we did in this last record-breaking year. That means turning over $100 million worth of recruited production business into over $200 million in production business.

If you are making a good living, you have a good reason to support this. If you are not working enough, you have a good reason to support this. If you work in any job that is impacted by the cash infusion these projects bring, you have a good reason to support this. That’s why the Governor introduced this bill: OPIF (the Oregon Production Investment Fund) has repeatedly been determined as one of the very best ways to attract new money into Oregon to grow our economy.

The bill also adds incentives to recruit post-production and video game development thanks to OMPA’s iOPIF amendment, which continues to offer the incentive to qualified independent Oregon filmmakers.

Wonky details: The Governor’s bill is called HB 2267. The Tax Credits committee and state economists support it as one of the most productive use of tax-credit funded economic development programs Oregon operates, meaning it provided the greatest results at attracting new money into the state. Here is a graph of OPIF’s performance. Now imagine that graph going twice as high next year.

Is this starting to get to be too many details? That’s ok — we have a quick training at 8:15 a.m. at the Days Inn “Black Bear” conference center in Salem. Just RSVP today. It will take a village. This is our village and we need you.

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