Bent Image Lab Shows “Recycling Is A Beautiful Thing”

Bent Image Lab has a new stop motion animated commercial they did for Arrowhead’s new 500ml ReBorn TM bottle called, “Recycling is a Beautiful Thing”.  The campaign idea and concept is by Ad Agency Threshold Interactive, produced by Bent Image Lab and directed by Bent’s Solomon Burbridge.

Burbridge says,“The awareness aspect in this spot is really important. If everyone were more aware about the things that we were accidentally  throwing away, we would be able to use a lot more recycled material in the bottles that are made.”

The Bent team used as many reusable elements as possible to emphasize the possibilities and importance of re-use and recycling.  “There’s so many art elements and production techniques involved in this video and so many different sets and scenes,” says Bent Producer Amy Rosko. “I hope people enjoy it and appreciate all of the creativity in recycling and the unique elements that went into making it.”

“From top to bottom the whole recycling idea has been incorporated in every aspect of the production,” says Bent Executive Producer Ray Di Carlo. “Hopefully every little bit will help.”

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