Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting

Our clients aSkypanel S60 Cre  saving significantly thanks to wider adoption of the new LED lighting technology. The potential power  differential can as as great as 75% when compared to incandescent lighting. Although LED lighting has been around for a decade it’s use in Film/ TV production has been limited largely to panel lights. Which were mainly used in field production. In that context they were competing to replace existing fixtures which pulled less than 15 Amps. Which is the capacity of most household plugs. Continue reading... “Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting”

The Digital Revolution in Lighting

controllerWith the advancements in LED lighting fixtures and HMI ballasts, controlling light fixtures with DMX signals has become both easier and much more precise. These advancements have ushered in new possibilities for control which is both quicker, easier and more economic than ever before.

lightWhile DMX control has been common in Theatrical settings for quite some time, only recently has advances in fixture design made this practical for TV/Film sets. DMX 512 is the standard communication protocol used in Entertainment industry products. Continue reading... “The Digital Revolution in Lighting”

PDXpendables Celebrates Their First Anniversary

PDXpendables owners at GOFT event 2015
PDXpendables owners at GOFT event 2015

The owners of PDXpendables Stage and Studio Supplies LLC, Don Rohrbacker and David Bluford are pleased to announce their first Anniversary.
PDXpendables was formed in November of 2014 with a view to provide superior customer service to the Entertainment Industry. In the past year we have served clients as diverse as large animation studios, television series, even the Theatre departments of Community Colleges and every type of client in between.

Taking advantage of relationships formed with every major manufacturer in Entertainment over the past 30 years, PDXpendables provides Grip, Lighting, and a broad range of Expendables.  Continue reading... “PDXpendables Celebrates Their First Anniversary”