Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costume Rentals Moves to New Facility

New warehouse upstairs accessoy roomThe new Production Department Building for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Talent, OR, completed construction in late October 2013. On November 19th, OSF Costume Rentals started the monumental task of moving their stock of over 50,000 costume pieces from a rented warehouse in Ashland, OR, their home of almost ten years, six miles down the road to their brand new state of the art facility. The improvements are undeniable, going from about 8,000 square feet to just over 11,000, customized rack systems for hanging costumes, climate control, even floors, a window, the fact that the new facility isn’t a converted lumber mill (the former facility was a space in the old Parson’s Pine mill building)… Continue reading... “Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costume Rentals Moves to New Facility”

The Impact of Oregon Film

Hi All– I’m the new intern here at the Governor’s Office of Film & Television.  I love all things film and Oregon, as well as baking and studying communication theory.  If you want to talk about the entertainment industry, I’m practically a walking IMDb.

Have a good one!   -Katlyn Prentice


You can learn quite a bit by the clothes you wear.  Walking around my campus in Boston, sporting my new Portlandia sweatshirt, I learned a lot about the impact that Oregon filmmaking has on rest of the country.  Continue reading... “The Impact of Oregon Film”

Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Acapulco’s Gold


Today we bring your the final video (above) in our Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” video series.  Today’s video features local restaurant, Acapulco’s Gold.

When a film or television show comes to town, many restaurants in the vicinity of the production see an immediate increase in business. Acapulco’s Gold, located near the NW Portland set of NBC’s “Grimm,” is no exception. After a long, strenuous day of filming, crew members often head to Acapulco’s Gold to kick back and relax in their friendly, one of a kind atmosphere.

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Oregon Vendor Spotlight: City Liquidators


This week we bring you the final two videos of our Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” video series.  In today’s video (above), the Interns visit the Portland family owned City Liquidators.

What at first appeared to be a common furniture store has become a unique, one-stop shop for film and television productions looking to buy props and other items in the Portland area. City Liquidators, family owned and operated by the Pelett family, has seen a recent boost in business thanks to the film industry in Oregon.

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Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Bent Image Lab and Hive-FX


For the next video of the series (above), the Oregon Film Summer Interns talk to both Bent Image Lab and Hive-FX about their recent animation and visual effects (VFX) work.

With the consistent production of successful animation and VFX work in Portland, Bent Image Lab and Hive-FX are among the most active and respected animation/VFX companies in the state. They define the talent in Oregon, and set the bar high. With high-profile clientele and big-contract work, both companies have earned impressive international reputations.

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Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Cambridge Precision Machining


In this week’s video (above), the Oregon Film Summer Interns visit Cambridge Precision Machining in Tigard Oregon.

Cambridge Precision Machining recently experienced a 20% increase in revenue due to work manufacturing the tiny joints and parts of the armature skeletons for LAIKA’s stop-motion animated feature “ParaNorman.” Based on referrals, they are now getting additional work from as far away as Great Britain.

You can view the four previous videos in the series here: “Shop Adorn” , “Local Nursery Supply Chain” , “PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI” , and Koerner Camera Systems.   Continue reading... “Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Cambridge Precision Machining”

Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Koerner Camera Systems


For our next video in the Oregon Film Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” series (above) we visited Koerner Camera Systems in Portland.

Koerner Camera Systems provides cameras and equipment to many film and television productions in Oregon.  Thanks to increased business from shows such as  “Grimm” and “Leverage,” Koerner is now the largest camera supplier in the northwest.  Thanks to the infrastructure they have created, other productions in the state now have access to cutting edge technology and equipment.

You can view the first three videos in the series here: “Shop Adorn” , “Local Nursery Supply Chain” and “PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI”.   Continue reading... “Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Koerner Camera Systems”

Oregon Vendor Spotlight: PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI


The third installment of our Oregon Film Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” series (above) features local businesses Pacific Grip & Lighting and Autonomy Technology Inc. (ATI).

A boost in production work and employees are the results both Pacific Grip and Lighting (Portland, OR) and ATI (Bend, OR) have noticed from the consistency of the work being filmed in Oregon. The interconnectedness of numerous grip and lighting companies is expected, but less obvious is the far-reaching economic impact as we follow the chain of supply.

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Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Share Your Story

Oregon Film Interns filming at Bent Image Lab

Hopefully you have been following our Oregon Film Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” video series. The series of videos, produced by our interns (Sabrina, Justen, and Jake) over the course of the summer, features interviews with local vendors that have recently experienced an increase in business due to film and television production.  They were able to capture the stories of 12 local businesses in eight videos, but we know that there are many more businesses out there that have benefitted from local film and TV production.   Continue reading... “Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Share Your Story”

Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Shop Adorn


This summer, our team of Oregon Film student interns (Sabrina, Justen, and Jake) embarked on a project to interview some of the local vendors that have recently experienced an increase in business due to the film and television industry. By the end of the summer, the interns had produced eight short videos for their “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” series. We will be rolling out the videos over the next four weeks. Today, we are happy to present the first video in the series (embedded above) which highlights local boutique Shop Adorn. Continue reading... “Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Shop Adorn”