Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Koerner Camera Systems


For our next video in the Oregon Film Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” series (above) we visited Koerner Camera Systems in Portland.

Koerner Camera Systems provides cameras and equipment to many film and television productions in Oregon.  Thanks to increased business from shows such as  “Grimm” and “Leverage,” Koerner is now the largest camera supplier in the northwest.  Thanks to the infrastructure they have created, other productions in the state now have access to cutting edge technology and equipment.

You can view the first three videos in the series here: “Shop Adorn” , “Local Nursery Supply Chain” and “PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI”.  Or find out more about the Oregon Film Summer Interns and the “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” project here.

If you have a story to share about the positive impact of recent Oregon film and television on your business, please let us help you tell your story.

Stay tuned, as we will be rolling out the fifth video in the series early next week. As always, you can also receive updates as each video rolls out by following the Oregon Film Interns on Twitter: @ORfilmInterns.

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