Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costume Rentals Moves to New Facility

New warehouse upstairs accessoy roomThe new Production Department Building for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Talent, OR, completed construction in late October 2013. On November 19th, OSF Costume Rentals started the monumental task of moving their stock of over 50,000 costume pieces from a rented warehouse in Ashland, OR, their home of almost ten years, six miles down the road to their brand new state of the art facility. The improvements are undeniable, going from about 8,000 square feet to just over 11,000, customized rack systems for hanging costumes, climate control, even floors, a window, the fact that the new facility isn’t a converted lumber mill (the former facility was a space in the old Parson’s Pine mill building)…

OSF Costume Rentals new warehouse shoes

Despite trepidation about the amount of work the move would be, things went off with barely a hitch. Even with freezing temperatures, rain, snow and barely passable icy roads, the six week move completed on schedule.

A crew of eight, working a total of 1284 hours, moved 180 racks of hanging costumes, 87 bins of flat fold clothing, 292 containers of accessories, 50 boxes of dress shoes, 52 boxes of boots and 139 bins of specialty shoes and boots.

OSF Costume Rentals is now open and ready for new rentals. Please visit the website  for more information and to view the gallery of costume collections. Over 60 photos documenting the move can be found on the OSF Costume Facebook page.

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