Oregon Vendor Spotlight: City Liquidators


This week we bring you the final two videos of our Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” video series.  In today’s video (above), the Interns visit the Portland family owned City Liquidators.

What at first appeared to be a common furniture store has become a unique, one-stop shop for film and television productions looking to buy props and other items in the Portland area. City Liquidators, family owned and operated by the Pelett family, has seen a recent boost in business thanks to the film industry in Oregon.

You can view the six previous videos in the series here: “Shop Adorn”“Local Nursery Supply Chain”“PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI”, “Koerner Camera Systems“, “Cambridge Precision Machining“, and “Bent Image Lab and Hive-FX“.

If you have a story to share about the positive impact of recent Oregon film and television on your business, please let us help you tell your story.  We are thrilled to have already had some additional vendors contact us with interest in sharing their story.  If you have a story you would like to share, please let us know.

On Wednesday, we will be posting the final video in the first part of the series, so be sure to check back then. As always, you can also receive updates as each video rolls out by following the Oregon Film Interns on Twitter: @ORfilmInterns.

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