Recorded Webcast of Annual Meeting Available

This year the University of Oregon’s media team was able to record the annual meeting and now it’s available here.  If you have a Mac you’ll first need to download the flip for Mac Application which can be found here.  One quick note – we ran a 15 minute pre-show of clips prior to the meeting beginning and that is on the front end of the video.  If you’re interested in knowing what the clips are –

#1 – YouTube video of a boy who wrote “An Ode to Fred Armisen” after meeting him on the set of ‘Portlandia”

#2 – “Rid of Me” Trailer

#3 – “Gone” Trailer

#4 – a series of commercials from the animation studio Bent Image Lab

#5 – Leverage Location Video

#6 – Behind the Scenes of “Grimm” Continue reading... “Recorded Webcast of Annual Meeting Available”

“Leverage” Readies to Move into a New Stage Space for Season 5

Next year for season 5 of “Leverage,” expect a few changes including a new location for the show’s stages.  The truth is the new space is actually an old one that has been frequently used as a stage for several features in the past (“Extraordinary Measures,” “Twilight,” and “Untraceable”).  Before this season, the space down in Clackamas was 60,000 square feet of open warehouse space which wasn’t ideal for a TV series.  This fall the team at “Leverage” took over the space and are dividing it into three usable production spaces. Continue reading... ““Leverage” Readies to Move into a New Stage Space for Season 5”

Grimm Doesn’t Just Look Green Because Of The Weather….

We could not have been happier when NBC Universal contacted us to collaborate on their greening efforts for the series, Grimm.  We immediately recognized this particular show as a good match and unique opportunity to put the foundation of our previous work in identifying green vendors and services to good use.

NBCUniversal’s Green Is Universal initiative has an admirable, on-going, corporate-wide environmental initiative that attempts to lessen their shows’ environmental impact by working with local resources and finding innovative ways to improve on their overall footprint. Continue reading... “Grimm Doesn’t Just Look Green Because Of The Weather….”

Missed Out on an Opportunity to Buy the Film Tax Credit? – Here’s Another

Last week Jody Wiser put out this information on the Tax Credit Auction that is about to happen through Oregon’s Department of Revenue.  This auction process will be the same process for the Oregon Production Investment Fund next year.  In the mean time check it out and consider the benefits.


Be good for the earth and good for your pocket book at the same time

Make 3-5% interest in less than 6 months while helping the state support renewable energy efforts in Oregon

$1.5 million in BETC tax credits are up for auction October 24th—November 4th with bidding in increments of $1000.  Continue reading... “Missed Out on an Opportunity to Buy the Film Tax Credit? – Here’s Another”

Quarter Orange’s 2nd Annual Halloween Kickoff Extravaganza!

Once again Quarter Orange will kick the pants off Halloween weekend with a raucous night of unfettered awesomeness and horror at the Holocene.  Badassery to include: A screening of local horror short Evidence of the Sasquatch, which documents the grizzly demise of four filmmakers on a location scout in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Brief Q&A with the filmmakers following the screening. Jams from local electric party monster, Kind Brother and rock providers, Father Figure.

Join us for an amazing night of local film, music and Halloween pageantry. Continue reading... “Quarter Orange’s 2nd Annual Halloween Kickoff Extravaganza!”

Eastern Oregon Film Festival Releases Music Program for October’s 3rd Annual Festival

EOFF2011 releases headlining musicians to accompany 3 nights of independent cinema in Eastern Oregon. The 2011 Eastern Oregon Film Festival will be held on October 20th – October 22nd in historic downtown La Grande, Oregon.  The three day event features award winning independent cinema and hottest up and coming bands from the northwest.

EOFF after-parties will feature the likes of Portlandʼs Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Boiseʼs Hillfolk Noir, Finn Riggins, and Atomic Mama, La Grandeʼs own, Elidila and Sons of Guns, and from Pendleton, Oregon – J.D. Continue reading... “Eastern Oregon Film Festival Releases Music Program for October’s 3rd Annual Festival”

Oregonian Interviews “Leverage’s” Timothy Hutton

We’re lucky enough to have a local media community that by in large likes to write about the local projects.  One journalist that stands out as a huge supporter of the local community is Kristi Turnquist.  Yesterday the Oregonian published this interview with “Leverage” star Timothy Hutton.  It was a nice interview and Timothy opened up about filming in Portland, this year’s premiere episode which was shot on Mount Hood, and the direction of Season 4.

For those of you who don’t know, “Leverage” is due to premiere season 4 on June 26.  Continue reading... “Oregonian Interviews “Leverage’s” Timothy Hutton”

Case Study: Bent Image Labs and Koodo Mobile

Canada has a new hero and his name is “El Tabador”, a 4-inch tall Mexican wrestler who warms your heart, tickles your funny-bone, and effortlessly works in a few good words about Koodo Mobile.

El Tabador follows in a long tradition of Lucha Libre fighters. He’s part detective, ladies’ man, and a righteous defender of justice and the creation of Portland-based Bent. To meet this brief, Bent drew Director Rob Shaw’s vast knowledge of Lucha Libre culture and worked closely with the TAXI 2 to design Tabador from first sketch to final computer-generated character. Continue reading... “Case Study: Bent Image Labs and Koodo Mobile” 2011 Directory Release Party!

SourceOregon.comSkip your lunch break and come on down to the OMPA office and pickup your book, a beer, and some BBQ!

Friday, April 15th from 2:00pm – 7:00pm

901 SE Oak St. Suite #104, Portland

Join friends and colleagues for this celebration of Oregon’s production industry.

OMPA members – come get your book!  Please note that Student and Actor Add-On Members do not receive a free copy of the directory with their membership. (Actors agencies and managers do receive books however.) Continue reading... “ 2011 Directory Release Party!”

2011 – A Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs

The below release was put out today in coordination with Governor John Kitzhaber’s Office:

2011 Shaping up to be Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs

The Governor’s office of Film and Television reports that 2011 will be the biggest year for total dollars spent on film and television projects in Oregon’s history. Two television series filmed in Oregon, “Leverage” and “Portlandia,” have already announced that their networks have renewed their series.

2011 also marks the first year a major network has committed to shooting a pilot in Oregon with NBC Universal’s “Grimm.” Continue reading... “2011 – A Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs”