Recorded Webcast of Annual Meeting Available

This year the University of Oregon’s media team was able to record the annual meeting and now it’s available here.  If you have a Mac you’ll first need to download the flip for Mac Application which can be found here.  One quick note – we ran a 15 minute pre-show of clips prior to the meeting beginning and that is on the front end of the video.  If you’re interested in knowing what the clips are –

#1 – YouTube video of a boy who wrote “An Ode to Fred Armisen” after meeting him on the set of ‘Portlandia”

#2 – “Rid of Me” Trailer

#3 – “Gone” Trailer

#4 – a series of commercials from the animation studio Bent Image Lab

#5 – Leverage Location Video

#6 – Behind the Scenes of “Grimm”

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