Newest Info – Doors open to Annual Meeting – January 15 5:30 PM Come See Second Story Installation

We’re getting lots of interest in the annual meeting and for good reason!  It’s going to be a great night!  You’re going to want to get there early.  Doors to the theater open at 5:30PM and as you are entering the theater, be sure to check out the awesome installation from Second Story Interactive Studios.  Second Story is this year’s recipient of our “Innovation In Media Arts Award” so we’re thrilled to have them show off their work.

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Recorded Webcast of Annual Meeting Available

This year the University of Oregon’s media team was able to record the annual meeting and now it’s available here.  If you have a Mac you’ll first need to download the flip for Mac Application which can be found here.  One quick note – we ran a 15 minute pre-show of clips prior to the meeting beginning and that is on the front end of the video.  If you’re interested in knowing what the clips are –

#1 – YouTube video of a boy who wrote “An Ode to Fred Armisen” after meeting him on the set of ‘Portlandia”

#2 – “Rid of Me” Trailer

#3 – “Gone” Trailer

#4 – a series of commercials from the animation studio Bent Image Lab

#5 – Leverage Location Video

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Oregon Film Annual Meeting – Things Shaping Up!

With our Annual Meeting a little over a week away, things are coming together and I know it’s going to be a great night!  As for the annual meeting here is the date and time:

December 17 @ 7:00

There will be a statewide teleconference so if you live in or nearby Ashland, Bend, Eugene, or Portland, you can attend.  It’s open to the public.

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OMPA THANKS YOU! Industry Holiday Party

Highly anticipated annual party by Oregon’s premier film/TV production non-profit

The Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) announces its annual winter holiday party for commercial, film and television industry professionals on Friday, December 17th, 2010 from 8 pm to 11 pm at Portland City Hall. Hundreds of guests including government leaders, producers, artists, actors, crew, agents and vendors – a who’s who in Oregon’s biz – are scheduled to attend.  Doors open immediately following the Governor’s Office of Film & Television annual meeting at PSU’s Lincoln Hall.  Continue reading... “OMPA THANKS YOU! Industry Holiday Party”