Wheel of Fortune – Going Green Week From Portland

This year marks the fifth season that Wheel of Fortune has featured a “Going Green” theme week. In past seasons, Pat and Vanna have offered viewers tips for going green and have shared updates about what Sony Pictures is doing to keep the studio lot environmentally-friendly.  As well as the kick off Going Green Week, […]

At Sony Pictures “A Greener World” even The Wheel Is Green…..

We have already blogged about the Wheel of Fortune shooting a week’s worth of shows this week end and early next in Portland for their up-coming “green week” but I also wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out to Sony Pictures Entertainment and their sustainability efforts. Like other studios, Sony Pictures has […]

Coming this month to Oregon – Wheel…Of…Fortune!

About two years ago I was contacted by Steve Denari from the local ABC afilliate KATU about the possibility of landing “Wheel of Fortune”.  We jumped at the chance to help with the effort and along with the help of Mayor Sam Adams’ team, it’s now a reality.  Actually the producers of “Wheel” came up […]

Case Study: Pipeworks’ “Zumba Fitness” Tops Global Charts

One of the cool things about the animation/VFX industry is that it’s continually evolving beyond the established parameters. The artistry of a well generated scene or special effects sequence is now no longer confined to a piece of film, but has also begun to take on an interactive element as video games move closer to […]