Coming this month to Oregon – Wheel…Of…Fortune!

About two years ago I was contacted by Steve Denari from the local ABC afilliate KATU about the possibility of landing “Wheel of Fortune”.  We jumped at the chance to help with the effort and along with the help of Mayor Sam Adams’ team, it’s now a reality.  Actually the producers of “Wheel” came up here nearly a year ago to shoot all the on location bumpers for the 20 episodes and now they are about to set up shop at the Oregon Convention center.

What amazed me the most in this process was just how big of a footprint the show takes up when it’s in production.  The producers scouted the various locations several years ago and the only two places that could accommodate the production were the Rose Garden and the Oregon Convention Center.  Even the Memorial Coliseum didn’t meet the needs of the show.  If you’re looking to get tickets, the initial deadline has passed but they do have another way to get into the show – click here for more info.


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5 thoughts on “Coming this month to Oregon – Wheel…Of…Fortune!

  1. The auditions were held a couple times last summer/fall at Chinook Winds in Lincoln City. We went to four open auditons and never got called up on stage. They selected contestants from cards we filled out and they placed in a huge barrel-type container.
    Not all that were selected would ‘make it’, but at least they got to try. We were disappointed, however, happy for those we met in line that got a chance on stage. Hoping some of them made it to the real show!

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