The Evolution of Trever Stewart

Trever Stewart

by Amanda Bennett

If Trever Stewart runs into a room and says to you, “Quick, play dead.” You might just unthinkingly throw yourself on the ground and imagine that there are big, black Xs covering your eye sockets.

He’s that persuasive.

And, since moving to Portland from Los Angeles, Mr. Stewart (Associate Producer of Special Projects, Bent Image Labs) has learned to use his impressive powers for good, specifically, for the good of local animation.

It has taken some doing, though.  Continue reading... “The Evolution of Trever Stewart”

Portland Animation Now! – January 27-28

Discover Portland’s Powerhouse Animation Scene

Portland birthed the California Raisins. It schooled the voice of Bugs Bunny and the mind behind The Simpsons. It’s home to “the queen of indie animation.” It’s a rising force in entertainment, producing both TV shows and hit feature films such as Coraline.

On January 27-28, Portland Animation Now! reveals the power source behind these cultural icons: our electric, eclectic, grassroots animation scene.

Organized by the folks who brought us the first-ever NW Animation Festival this past summer, PAN!

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Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!


Come out for our December 10th event and see what the team at Hinge Digital has been up to recently! From sports cars, footwear and rampaging robots to cheeky space captains, this band of ex-Sony/Disney/Laika/D-Neg stand-outs bring a combination of technical know how and creative imagination that only few companies can claim in their leadership.

Come hear industry stories from  Michael, Roland,Alex & Ramiro as they breakdowns projects while you network with Portland’s finest talent in 3d animation and VFX! Continue reading... “Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!”

First Tidbits of “ParaNorman” Marketing Start to Roll Out

It looks like Halloween is the season for LAIKA to kick off their marketing campaign for “ParaNorman”.  We found this blog post with the first poster artwork.  And yesterday they set up the “ParaNorman” twitter account.  We’ve also heard rumors that a trailer of “ParaNorman” might be showing in front of some films this weekend but we haven’t been able to confirm.  The film doesn’t debut until August of next year but it’s great to see that LAIKA is already out there drumming up an audience for this film. Continue reading... “First Tidbits of “ParaNorman” Marketing Start to Roll Out”

Bent Image Lab launches into Television Programming with “Jingle All the Way” for the Hallmark Channel

Bent Image Lab, the animation studio behind many successful commercials, music videos, shorts, and visual effects projects is now co-producing long format content for television. “Jingle All the Way”, a stop motion animated show for Hallmark Channel is Bent’s first endeavor into long form animation. Airing November 25th as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas”, “Jingle All the Way” is based off of an original storybook from Hallmark. The show was directed by Bent partner Chel White, produced by Bent’s Executive Producer Tsui Ling Toomer and executively produced by Bent Partner Ray Di Carlo and Hallmark’s Jodi Schade, Diana Stuart, Chad Harris, and Shawn McClaren. Continue reading... “Bent Image Lab launches into Television Programming with “Jingle All the Way” for the Hallmark Channel”

LAIKA House – Behind the Scenes of a new Honda commercial

We often talk about Oregon being a great place for car commercials.  Of course usually we mean live action commercials.  This youtube video shows the behind the scenes of LAIKA House’s recent commercial for the Honda Pilot.  This video really shows off the technical expertise and craftmanship of Oregon’s Animation industry. Continue reading... “LAIKA House – Behind the Scenes of a new Honda commercial”

Jalal Jemison joins Bent Image Lab as Head of Compositing/Lead Colorist

Jalal Jemison joins Bent Image Lab as Head of Compositing/Lead Colorist

Bent Image Lab recently cemented Visual FX Artist Jalal Jemison as its new head of compositing and lead colorist. Jemison whose previous work includes numerous Hollywood projects such as Pineapple Express, Borat and most currently Get Him to the Greek and the documentary How to Die in Oregon brings his mastery of post production tools and techniques to the world of commercials, television programs, music videos and motion graphics.

Drawn to the desktop filmmaking movement of the 90’s, Jemison began learning about visual effects while attending UC Santa Cruz. Continue reading... “Jalal Jemison joins Bent Image Lab as Head of Compositing/Lead Colorist”

Byte by Byte: GMUNK takes apart the VFX of Tron Legacy

AEPDX, 3dpdx, and OMPA present: Byte by Byte: GMUNK takes apart the VFX of Tron Legacy

Presentation Date // Sunday, October 2, 4-6 PM
Mission Theater
1624 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209
$5 minimum donation
  • 4:00 – 4:30 networking
  • 4:30 – 5:30 presentation
  • 5:30 – 6:00 questions
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LAIKA Acquires Rights to Develop Colin Meloy’s and Carson Ellis’ “Wildwood”

Today LAIKA announced it has optioned the film rights to the recently released novel “Wildwood”.  The novel was written by Decemberists front man Colin Meloy with the book illustrations done by Carson Ellis.  This announcement is more proof that Oregon’s creative industry is in full swing on many different levels and now those entities are collaborating.  The novel is the first of a planned three books set in an alternative version of Portland focusing on Forest Park.  LAIKA’s announcement appeared in this Variety article. Continue reading... “LAIKA Acquires Rights to Develop Colin Meloy’s and Carson Ellis’ “Wildwood””

Case Study: Fashionbuddha Shares the Monterey Bay Love

Oregon-based companies pride themselves on being amongst the first to leap beyond the established creative norms. And Fashionbuddha, an animation studio in Old Town Portland, thrives off this innate quest for innovation. “We’re a unique studio from the standpoint that we have animation and interactive under the same roof,” explains founder and Executive Director Robert Lewis.

Fashionbuddha got its start ten years ago creating high-end flash websites but has since expanded into mobile apps, interactive installations and broadcast animation. “We were all under the same roof at the beginning because it made sense with those projects but now we’ve splintered to some degree and it’s just as exciting,” says Lewis. Continue reading... “Case Study: Fashionbuddha Shares the Monterey Bay Love”