Oregon Film’s 50th Anniversary Trailer of #OregonMade Productions Plays Hollywood PDX

Oregon Film turns 50 this year and to celebrate we commissioned filmmaker & editor Josh Lunden and composer Jake Hull to put together a fantastic new trailer that celebrates more than 109 years of film, television, animation, commercial and interactive production here in the state.

Featuring many, many clips from #OregonMade films sourced edited together by Lunden and a live score specially written and recorded by Hull, the trailer takes a 3 minute journey from the earliest of silent films to the latest Oscar Nomination for “Kubo and the Two Strings” – and everything in between. Continue reading... “Oregon Film’s 50th Anniversary Trailer of #OregonMade Productions Plays Hollywood PDX”

EOFF2013: Poised for the new year!

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is coming together. Strong. Friends of the festival are stepping up and becoming members. Businesses, organizations, and industry professionals are helping to create a sustainable ‘force-to-be-reckoned-with’ in beautiful La Grande, Oregon.

Last Year

We felt warm embraces by local and regional audiences, were humbled with the presence of more guest artists than ever, and saw a 30% increase in attendance. EOFF was one of the first festivals to utilize Skype technology for its Q/As. This past edition we held conversations with emerging artists Evan GlodellTristan PattersonSophia Takal, and Dustin Guy Defa. Continue reading... “EOFF2013: Poised for the new year!”

Check out LAIKA’s Latest ParaNorman Teaser Video: “Making Norman”


As we get closer to ParaNorman’s official August release date, LAIKA released an interesting new video today called “Making Norman.”  This video gives a unique inside look into how much work goes into designing and fabricating a single stop-motion character.  After seeing the trailers and teaser videos we can hardly wait for August to see the film.  In the meantime, you can view the official trailers here. Continue reading... “Check out LAIKA’s Latest ParaNorman Teaser Video: “Making Norman””

New “ParaNorman” Trailer

We are anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of LAIKA’s “ParaNorman” this August, and were excited to see that they have released a new trailer for the film.  View the trailer below, or visit the official site: http://paranorman.com for more.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzjhej9pVuY Continue reading... “New “ParaNorman” Trailer”