A Good Résumé Can Make All the Difference

We get calls each week from motivated, young,  job seekers who are either entering the work force directly from school or taking their career to the next level.  It can be daunting knowing where to start and so in answer to these queries, we created the career builder page as an addition to the job hotline resource on our site.  We  hope it will be a useful initiative full of  advice, suggestions and tips.  We consulted  with industry professionals to get their take on what makes a resume standout and they also gave us some great do’s and don’ts on the job. Continue reading... “A Good Résumé Can Make All the Difference”

Fluid Images Honored by OSU

Fluid Images' (Central Oregon) Strada Crane facilitating TV coverage at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Fluid Images, based in Sisters, Central Oregon, is being honored by OSU in receiving the “Orange Spotlight” award.   (The award singles out companies that, amongst other things, are innovative,  stimulate and support the local economy as well as hire skilled and talented OSU alums).

Fluid Images was founded in 1990 when Bob Johnson (OSU graduate) and his son Rick, built  the 72 foot Akela Crane in their barn.  Continue reading... “Fluid Images Honored by OSU”

La Grande Summer Film Project: Community Filmmaking Opportunity

La  Grande Summer Film Project

Eastern Oregon Film Festival in conjunction with Crossing the Blues: La Grande Summer Festival is pleased to present the 3rd annual La Grande Summer Film Project. The project will kick off on Friday August 13th, with a Night Life social event at White House Coffee (1702 Fourth Street). Teams will be identified, organized, and specific criteria for their film will be given. After the participants have had a chance to “schmooze”, ACTION will be called at 9:00pm – and the filmmakers have 48 hours to deliver their final project. Continue reading... “La Grande Summer Film Project: Community Filmmaking Opportunity”

From Columbia University to the Columbia River: Portland Filmmakers Return Home to Shoot their Thesis Films

From the Northwest Film Center:

For emerging filmmakers, the film scenes in New York City and Portland are more closely connected than one might think.   Just ask Lena Rudnick, a graduate student in the prestigious Columbia University MFA program in film directing, who got her start as a student at the Northwest Film Center.  Like salmon who come home to spawn in the same river each year, when it came time for Rudnick to shoot her final film of the year, she returned to Portland,  where easy permitting, equipment access, crew, and location ambience readily combined to trump shooting in the Big Apple. Continue reading... “From Columbia University to the Columbia River: Portland Filmmakers Return Home to Shoot their Thesis Films”

Oregon's Diverse Talent Base – its Greatest Strength

Oregon Talent

Whether it’s the thriving independent music scene, live theater, or a combination of multiple creative disciplines, there is no doubt Oregon is a thriving base of creative expression.   According to the Oregon Arts Commission over 60,000 jobs in Oregon are directly related to the creative economy.  That may not sound like a lot of jobs but when you figure that Oregon has about 1/10 of the population of California, it’s a large section of the total workforce in Oregon.  So when a film or television project comes to Oregon, there is a rich and diverse depth of talent to pull from. Continue reading... “Oregon's Diverse Talent Base – its Greatest Strength”

Summer Camps for Students at Chambers Productions in Eugene

For the first time Ever Chambers Productions is offering summer camps to students between 13 and 17 years of age.

Would your child like to learn how to write a screen play, act, make a movie or make music video with professional instructors at Oregon’s largest production facility? If so check out our new exciting summer camps!  Registration is limited so act fast!

http://www.chambersproductions.com/fams/camp Continue reading... “Summer Camps for Students at Chambers Productions in Eugene”