What Is Both Green And Universal At The Same Time?….

….sustainable fairy tales of course!

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with NBC Universal this summer on greening the new series, “Grimm”.  NBC Universal’s Television and Environmental Policy affirms they are, “committed to pursuing environmentally sustainable practices across all of our operations” and these are clearly laid out in their environmental policies that cover the production office, construction, on set and wrap.  That’s great for the state of Oregon as well as the environment generally!

We are looking forward to connecting “Grimm” with current resources here in the state (and there are many) and we anticipate this will be a boost for furthering the idea that production really can be green.  Additionally we anticipate that, in partnership with NBC Universal and the community, we can help blaze a trail for shows coming behind them – especially on such issues as; location recycling, composting, clean energy use, purchasing used props/materials and re-using or donating set pieces and costumes once the show has wrapped – that’s for starters.

Our office always offer shows the, “Green Resource Guide” (that we compiled several years ago) as well as the Oregon Film & TV best practices “Guide to Greening Production” and they are available on our web site.

Additionally, as you may remember, we recently partnered up with the Producers Guild of America as they have created an easy to use, searchable database for green resources.  Anyone can add to the database and it costs nothing to be listed, or to use: check it out here.

Recently, several people in the film and TV community have contacted our office with some ideas of ways we can work together as a community, to collaborate on the goal of moving towards making production more environmentally sound.  If you want to contribute ideas please email: [email protected]

Green is universal.



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