“A Walk in My Shoes” – New Online Material

A Walk in My Shoes - Shot in Portland

I was sent this website today which has some great material from the show.  Lots of behind the scenes footage which shows off Portland in a great way.  Even Jim Clark from Hive FX made an appearance in the clip about the skateboarding scenes.

It also finally confirmed that “A Walk In My Shoes” will be airing on NBC Friday December 3 at 8:00PM.  The whole film was shot and set in Portland.  Continue reading... ““A Walk in My Shoes” – New Online Material”

Does Oregon Have The Best City To Live, Work & Make Movies In?

Every year Movie Maker Magazine surveys independent filmmakers in the united states to find the best cities live and work in.  They focus on a number of criteria; good cost of living, employment opportunities, quality of life, affordable home prices and of course financial incentives, availability of locations and quantity of crew and vendors.

The annual best places to “live, work and make movies” will be out in their magazine’s winter edition, which is released at Sundance next year.  We would love to be on that top ten list again…..so Continue reading... “Does Oregon Have The Best City To Live, Work & Make Movies In?”

Portlandia Gets a Premiere Date

from Faith Cathcart/ The Oregonian

In today’s Oregonian Kristi Turnquist writes about IFC’s announcement of “Portlandia’s” premiere date.  I’ve had several conversations with IFC about their plans for promoting the show and I can say that the cable network is 100% behind “Portlandia”.  Expect to hear of some cool promotional efforts surrounding the show soon!  In the meantime, set your DVR’s for January 21 for the premiere episode!

-Vince Continue reading... “Portlandia Gets a Premiere Date”

Fun Film News out of Ashland and Eugene

This past week there were two news articles of note; one in the Eugene Register Guard and the other in the Ashland Daily Tidings.  In Eugene writer Mark Baker profiled Katherine Wilson’s efforts to start a film museum in the Willamette Valley.  For those of you who have seen Katherine’s photos from the days of “Animal House” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, you know she’s collected a lot of film history on her own – here’s the article. Continue reading... “Fun Film News out of Ashland and Eugene”

Oregon Film Annual Meeting – December 17th

Oregon Film Annual MeetingMark your calendars… the Oregon Film Annual Meeting will be held Friday,  December 17th at 7:00PM.   This year’s meeting will once again be a state-wide teleconference event thanks to the support of our friends in Bend, Eugene, and Ashland.  The Portland location for the meeting will be Portland State University’s Lincoln Hall.

Attending for the last time as Governor, will be Governor Ted Kulongoski.  We need a strong turnout to demonstrate our gratitude to the Governor for all he has done to support our industry.  Continue reading... “Oregon Film Annual Meeting – December 17th”

The iOPIF Program Does Its Job – Funds Fully Committed

Crew at work on the set of "The Wait"

In the last few weeks there have been a number of projects that have applied for the Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Program (iOPIF), and now all the available funds have been fully committed.  In total 13 projects have been qualified for the program and projects have been produced or are set to be produced in the Portland area, Central Oregon and Ashland.  The first project was the Brothers Freeman film “Wake Before I Die” back in January of this year.  Continue reading... “The iOPIF Program Does Its Job – Funds Fully Committed”

Oregon Film Hosted Successful AFM Reception

ORegon Film banner prominently displayed at AFM

As you know, the America Film Market took place in Santa Monica last week and Vince was there on Tuesday to meet with various producers and production companies.  As a way to strengthen some existing relationships and to introduce Oregon as a viable place to shoot to others , we hosted a small reception at Shutters on the Beach.  Aside from educating producers about shooting in the state, the idea was to bring a slice of Oregon to Santa Monica.  Continue reading... “Oregon Film Hosted Successful AFM Reception”

History of 3D in Oregon at PDX

Model of "Coraline"
Set from "Coraline"
Models from Hinge Digital

On my way down to Los Angeles this week I came upon a display at the Portland Airport focusing on the history of 3D photography and film in Oregon.  You can find the exhibit at the entrance to terminal E which is the United terminal.  The exhibit has display items from the past including view finders and other 3D photography items and the present including items donated by local animation/VFX company Hinge Digital and of course LAIKA.  Continue reading... “History of 3D in Oregon at PDX”

Oregon Film heads down to AFM with Wine and Cheese

Tomorrow morning Jane Ridley and I fly down to Los Angeles to host a reception in Santa Monica.  The American Film Market is going on at the Loews Hotel and our reception is next door at the beautiful Shutters Hotel.  We have about 50 invited guests who have RSVP’d for the reception and Jane Ridley has done an amazing job organizing a great “taste of Oregon” reception.  Maria Ponzi of Ponzi Vineyards will be pouring wine for the reception and we have artisan cheeses being served from Juniper Grove Farm, Willamette Valley Cheese Co. Continue reading... “Oregon Film heads down to AFM with Wine and Cheese”

Good Profile of “Portlandia’s” Carrie Brownstein

Image from Willamette Week - John Clark

In case you haven’t already caught Aaron Mesh’s profile on Carrie Brownstein, here’s a link to the article.  Carrie’s diverse talents as musician, writer and actor make her a perfect representation of Portland’s creative class.  I don’t know if it’s because you need to be versatile to make a career in a small market like Oregon, or if it’s in the fabric of the region that creative professionals have many talents.

Either way, Carrie is a solid representation of the creative community and I for one can’t wait to see “Portlandia”.  Continue reading... “Good Profile of “Portlandia’s” Carrie Brownstein”