MoPix – Setting out to Create a Post-DVD Experience – Demos at PIE Demo Day

This past year Portland Headquartered Ad Agency Weiden + Kennedy had a realization.  They needed to be better connected to innovative tech startups.  So what did they do?  They freed up some office space and started their own startup incubator called the Portland Incubator Experiment.  With the help of several brands including Coca-Cola, Target, and Google, W+K invited entrepreneurs to apply for a three month stay along with $18,000 and access to some top mentors in the startup world.  Today at Portland’s Bagdad Theater, the first round of companies will present their ideas and products to potential investors, media, and the public.

One such company is called MoPix.  As CEO Ryan Stoner puts it MoPix is “creating the “post DVD” experience by enabling anyone with film or video content to brand, sell and distribute it in a social-enriched digital marketplace.”  Ryan and his partners (including Portland native Slater Dixon) are looking to capitalize on the yet to be determined future of digital distribution.  What MoPix brings is an agnostic digital outlet for indie film makers.  It is no secret that the DVD platform is slowly dwindling.  Sales are down and with traditional DVD storefront stores like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster becoming less common (if not extinct), a key revenue stream for content producers is literally evaporating before our eyes.  Will Digital be the answer? Or are we as former NBC Exec Jeff Zucker said “trading analog dollars in for digital pennies”?  It’s hard to say but I am encouraged to see that MoPix is looking to tackle this challenge.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments out of PIE, as several companies under the banner are gaining a lot of buzz.  Word is that the next application round could come as early as the spring. (UPDATE- at the event it was announced that PIE will begin accepting applications for the next class early in February)


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