Lot’s of Good Oregon Film and Television Available this Weekend

We’ve been highlighting mostly the fine Oregon based television work that has been airing recently but this weekend not only is there “Grimm” and “Portlandia” but the feature film “Gone” produced by Lakeshore Entertainment premieres in theaters this weekend.  Harold Phillips’ blog Oregon Film And TV Dollars put up a good post about the film yesterday.  He also found a great clip from star Amanda Seyfried’s appearance on Jay Leno where she brought Voodoo Donuts to the show.  Here’s the clip with her raving about Voodoo and Portland.

Tonight both “Portlandia” and “Grimm” air new episodes.  On “Portlandia” Portland Trailblazer LaMarcus Aldridge appears in the show with Penny Marshall in a sketch at the feminist bookstore.  I wonder if the weekend NBA All-Star festivities will pick up the appearance.  On “Grimm” Silas and Nick end up in a Fight Club like scenario in “Last Grimm Standing”.

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