Hinge Digital’s All-CG Spot for Renault



What car powers through all seasons?  The Mégane by Renault, perfectly envisioned using full CG and VFX – no live action shoot needed.

In collaboration with directing team Andrew Nawrot and Sonja Jasansky, the Hinge creative team developed this all-CG spot for the Renault Mégane in just under two weeks. The spot features dramatic lighting as well as naturalistic visual effects of water, smoke and haze.

More pictures of the design process and storyboards can be seen on Hinge Digital’s website: http://hingedigital.com/projects/renault-megane/ Continue reading... “Hinge Digital’s All-CG Spot for Renault”

Hinge Digital Produces New Spot for Carrington College

carrington college


In the third spot of our integrated campaign for Carrington College, Hinge continued our partnership with BVK to bring Blue and Goldie (and squirrel) to a city park to help another student soar into a new career.

View the animatic and see character sketches here… 


Client: Carrington College 
Agency: BVK
Producer: Allison Lockwood
Art Director: Ryan Smith
Copywriter: Seth Gordon
Creative Director: Gary Mueller

Creative Production: Hinge Digital
Executive Producer: Roland Gauthier
Post Producer: Amanda Anderson
Director: Alex Tysowsky
VFX Supervisor: Michael Kuehn
Production Manager, Storyboarding: Tiffany Navarro
Production Design: Tyler Kenworthy
Animation: Keith Sizemore, Justin Mai
Look Development: Jonathan Beals, Tyler Kenworthy, Josh LaFayette
Lighting: Jonathan Beals
Compositing: Terell Seitz, Tom Burney
Live Action Producer: Brett Carlson
Editor: Shawn Wight
Color Correction: Siggy Ferstl, Company 3
Mastering: Mission Control Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Produces New Spot for Carrington College”

“Little Leaks” a Big Deal for Local Animation Company

CMD and Hinge Digital teamed up to deliver a fun, informative and engaging campaign for NW Natural. “Little Leaks” was conceived as a collaboration between CMD and the Hinge creative team. Hinge created four unique 3D egg characters. The eggs are lighthearted and fun visual storytellers in a spot that educates viewers on how to recognize and react to a gas leak. Continue reading... ““Little Leaks” a Big Deal for Local Animation Company”

Hinge Digital’s Campaign for Carrington College

Hinge Digital, the Portland-based animation and visual effects studio, has been working through the summer months on a brand new character-based campaign for Carrington College.
The studio expanded their core team with animation, design and production talent sourced from the animation mecca of Portland, as well as from the Bay Area and LA. They designed, developed and animated original 3D spokes-characters, “Blue” and “Goldie,”along with “Squirrel,” which are now prominently featured in Carrington’s broadcast, print, online, and social media campaigns, and will soon be available as toys and other collectibles at the college’s book stores. 
Continue reading... “Hinge Digital’s Campaign for Carrington College”

Hinge Digital Brings the Carfax Car Fox to Life in CG

When Zimmerman Advertising approached Hinge Digital to bring the beloved Carfax Car Fox to life in CG, we jumped at the opportunity to apply our extensive experience in character development, animation, and visual effects to a national advertising campaign.


Building on a collaboration of several years on over 30 animated commercials, Zimmerman and Hinge began Car Fox’s character development in 2011. Working very closely with the agency and Carfax, Hinge created the spokes-character in CG to seamlessly integrate into the live-action.
Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Brings the Carfax Car Fox to Life in CG”

“VFX Revolution” May 17th – Presented by WebVisions

VFX Revolution: How the Internet and Digital Devices are Reshaping Visual Effects and Film

Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PT)
Location: Bagdad Theatre, Portland, OR

Anyone with an interest in VFX will not want to miss this opportunity to see and hear first hand what is currently going on directly from some current experts in the field.  In less than 40 years, computer graphics and digital devices have transformed film experience with techniques such as digital compositing, motion control, computer-generated characters and photo-realistic images incorporated into live-action footage. Continue reading... ““VFX Revolution” May 17th – Presented by WebVisions”

Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!


Come out for our December 10th event and see what the team at Hinge Digital has been up to recently! From sports cars, footwear and rampaging robots to cheeky space captains, this band of ex-Sony/Disney/Laika/D-Neg stand-outs bring a combination of technical know how and creative imagination that only few companies can claim in their leadership.

Come hear industry stories from  Michael, Roland,Alex & Ramiro as they breakdowns projects while you network with Portland’s finest talent in 3d animation and VFX! Continue reading... “Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!”

Hinge Digital Works with Sockeye Creative on a new Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial

Over the last couple of years Hinge Digital has built up an impressive reputation as a go to place for all things animation.  As a result more and more agencies and clients are taking notice.  Recently Hinge worked with Sockeye Creative on this commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

That’s not all they’ve been working on.  Be sure to check out their 2011 reel to get a good idea of all Hinge has to offer.  Their blog also has a more in depth look into their work. Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Works with Sockeye Creative on a new Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial”

Hinge Digital Kicks Off “Bringing Your World to Life” Contest


Nov. 11, 2010

Hinge Digital Kicks Off “Bringing Your World to Life” Character Design Contest

Open Call for Original Story and Character Concept Submissions; Win Approximately $1,500 in Prizes Including a Wacom Intuos4, Luxology modo and Inclusion in an Animation Magazine Feature Story

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov. 11, 2010 – Celebrating the talent and creativity of the artist community, Hinge Digital today announces an open call to concept artists, designers and writers of any background to submit their original story ideas and corresponding character designs for consideration in the Hinge Digital Bringing Your World to Life contest. Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Kicks Off “Bringing Your World to Life” Contest”

History of 3D in Oregon at PDX

Model of "Coraline"
Set from "Coraline"
Models from Hinge Digital

On my way down to Los Angeles this week I came upon a display at the Portland Airport focusing on the history of 3D photography and film in Oregon.  You can find the exhibit at the entrance to terminal E which is the United terminal.  The exhibit has display items from the past including view finders and other 3D photography items and the present including items donated by local animation/VFX company Hinge Digital and of course LAIKA.  Continue reading... “History of 3D in Oregon at PDX”