Hinge – A Portland Creative Production Studio, Featured In The Statesman Journal

The Statesman Journal has featured Hinge, a Portland-based creative production studio, and Executive Producer Roland Gauthier, in a recent article that emphasizes the studio’s accomplishments with popular animated Cartoon Network show “Toonami”, and follows the unique dynamic of the Oregon Film Industry as it compares to a “Changing Hollywood”. Continue reading... “Hinge – A Portland Creative Production Studio, Featured In The Statesman Journal”

A Look At Hinge Over The Past 10 Years


2019 is a big year for Hinge, as it marks our 10 year anniversary of bringing high quality innovative content to the creative industry.

Hinge came to be in 2009 after the three founders, Alex Tysowsky, Michael Kuehn, and Roland Gauthier, aspired to combine their experience and expertise to start their own studio. Their impressive and diverse backgrounds lay the foundation for Hinge’s success.

Alex Tysowsky, our Director of Animation, has worked in the film industry for nearly twenty years. Continue reading... “A Look At Hinge Over The Past 10 Years”

Adult Swim & Hinge Team Up For Toonami

It’s been nearly a year since Adult Swim Toonami team tapped Hinge‘s Portland-based studio to produce show bumpers and the season finale of Toonami Intruder II, where the show’s venerable host TOM, and his AI co-host SARA, crash land on an unknown planet to find a new base of operations. The episode had something fun for both the hard core fans (who’ve enjoyed the show since it’s beginnings in 1997) as well as the casual viewers. If you want to see the finale again, here it is in full, thanks to our friends at Adult Swim. Continue reading... “Adult Swim & Hinge Team Up For Toonami”

Hinge Produces Launch Spot For Inspired Health Campaign

The anthemic “This is Inspired Health” :60 commercial was directed by Hinge Director Slater Dixon to launch Florida Hospital‘s new campaign. The Hinge team shot the spot in Florida, and did the Post in Portland. Learn more at hingedigital.com. Continue reading... “Hinge Produces Launch Spot For Inspired Health Campaign”

Cubebot Ninja Battle!

In this miniature action-packed duel for Areaware’s wooden Cubebot toys, the Hinge team took on the challenge of creating a fun, stop motion style animation using CG characters and live action plates. To give this CG spot an authentically crafty stop motion feel, the crew used a combination of animation, camera and compositing techniques.

For more information and behind the scenes images, go to http://hingedigital.com/projects/areaware-cubebot-duel/ Continue reading... “Cubebot Ninja Battle!”

Hinge’s Kitty Litter Spot is the Cats Meow!

Avoid a cat-astrophe in the bathroom! In an original pitch spot called “Cat’s Meow: The Interruption,” Hinge’s creative team brings attention to a very real problem facing cats and their owners everywhere.

The concept was developed in-house and shot with Portland crew and talent. The animation and post team created and integrated a photo real CG cat into the live action plates — all with a dash of litter humor.

For more details, go to hingedigital.com

  Continue reading... “Hinge’s Kitty Litter Spot is the Cats Meow!”

Hinge and Microsoft Team Up For Surface Pro 3 Spots

Surface Pro 3 Retail Attract Loops

Microsoft tapped Hinge to create two :30 retail attract loops for the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. Hinge was responsible for the original creative and developed both horizontal and vertical versions for use in store and out of home displays.

Surface 3 Retail Attract Loops Continue reading... “Hinge and Microsoft Team Up For Surface Pro 3 Spots”

Hinge Digital Launches New Character for Oroweat

Meet Healthfull! Sure he gets toasty, but the crew at Hinge Digital and Coyne PR loved collaborating on all 80 calories of their newest character. Check out the Healthfull Trailer from the makers of Arnold, Oroweat, and Brownberry Bread – in theaters and online now! ‪#‎LoveYourBread‬

And for concept art and behind the scenes images, visit Hinge Digital. Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Launches New Character for Oroweat”

Snow Knows… Nothing!

Snow knows… NOTHING! Hinge Digital proudly presents our own twist on the misadventures of Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow. Does Snow know romance? Giants? Anything? Check out our new GoT inspired Snow Knows shorts and let us know what you think!

Watch all 5 episodes together:

Or individually: Continue reading... “Snow Knows… Nothing!”