Hinge Digital Brings the Carfax Car Fox to Life in CG

When Zimmerman Advertising approached Hinge Digital to bring the beloved Carfax Car Fox to life in CG, we jumped at the opportunity to apply our extensive experience in character development, animation, and visual effects to a national advertising campaign.


Building on a collaboration of several years on over 30 animated commercials, Zimmerman and Hinge began Car Fox’s character development in 2011. Working very closely with the agency and Carfax, Hinge created the spokes-character in CG to seamlessly integrate into the live-action. “We saw this as a unique collaborative opportunity—one that would give Carfax access to high-end vfx and allow Hinge to showcase its work in the national advertising arena.” said Roland Gauthier, Executive Producer.


You can view more videos of Hinge Digital’s recent work on their Vimeo channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/hingedigital or view a video of Car Fox: Behind the Scenes below:


[video src="http://www.hingedigital.com/images/video/carfax_promo.mp4" /]
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