Governor Brown Dedicates Grove Of Trees To #ThankYouGrimm!

This afternoon, Governor Kate Brown joined members of the “Grimm” cast and crew along with the City of Portland, State of Oregon elected officials, and representatives from  Oregon Film, Friends of Trees, Friends of Pier Park and Comcast/NBC. They all came together to plant a small grove of trees in beautiful Pier Park, North Portland, creating a lasting tribute to the work and the legacy of the long running show. Continue reading... “Governor Brown Dedicates Grove Of Trees To #ThankYouGrimm!”

This Fall Animating Life:The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA Comes to Portland Art Museum

The Boxtrolls, courtesy of LAIKA

Behind the scenes, the Oregon animation studio, LAIKA, is an amazing collection of animators, artists, cutting-edge tech, and good, old-fashioned story-telling, and this fall you will be able to explore LAIKA’s “creative process” from start to finish at the Portland Art Museum.

The Northwest Film Center and the Portland Art Museum have partnered with LAIKA to present the immersive experience.

For more information look here, the exhibit opens October 14, 2017-May 20, 2018.


#OregonMadeShows Continue reading... “This Fall Animating Life:The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA Comes to Portland Art Museum”

On International Women’s Day – Check Out + Get Tix -“Chasing Grace” Premiering March 25th

It is International Women’s Day!

$1m Wages Lost: The Gender Pay Gap Exposed in Episode One of Chasing Grace Project.

U of O grad, and reTHINKit Founder, Jennifer Cloer, is shooting part one of her docu-series, “Chasing Grace” in Portland this week, and took some time out from filming to talk to the Portland Business Journal  .

The Chasing Grace Project, is a six-part documentary series “that brings together a community that is creating change for women in tech – – right now” and is an initiative to give a voice to women in tech and to keep the conversation going as a way to create change. Continue reading... “On International Women’s Day – Check Out + Get Tix -“Chasing Grace” Premiering March 25th”

Oregon Art Beat Highlights Oregon Film Museum

OPB Television’s “Oregon Art Beat” took a look at what makes Astoria a unique arts town and tourism center this month, including this segment featuring the Oregon Film Museum:

Producer Katrina Sarson takes us on a tour of the Oregon Film Museum in Astoria. The museum highlights and celebrates movies that were made in the state of Oregon, housed in the old Clatsop County Jail. Make your own movie, be inspired by The Goonie Gallery and learn more about the history of movie making in our own state! Continue reading... “Oregon Art Beat Highlights Oregon Film Museum”

LAIKA’s “Kubo And The Two Strings” Receives Two Oscar Nominations!

The 2017 Academy Award nominations are out!  Among them are two nominations for  LAIKA‘s #OregonMade “Kubo And The Two Strings” –  Animated Feature, and Visual Effects!

Kubo” joined; “Moana”, “My Life as a Zucchini”, “The Red Turtle”, “Zootopia” in the Animated Feature category, and “Deepwater Horizon”, “Doctor Strange”, “Jungle Book” and  “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” in the Visual Effects category.  Should “Kubo” win each category, Travis Knight  and Arianne Sutner would accept for Best Animated Feature, and Steve Emerson ,Oliver Jones, Brian McLean,Brad Schiff would accept for Best Visual Effects. Continue reading... “LAIKA’s “Kubo And The Two Strings” Receives Two Oscar Nominations!”

Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting

Our clients aSkypanel S60 Cre  saving significantly thanks to wider adoption of the new LED lighting technology. The potential power  differential can as as great as 75% when compared to incandescent lighting. Although LED lighting has been around for a decade it’s use in Film/ TV production has been limited largely to panel lights. Which were mainly used in field production. In that context they were competing to replace existing fixtures which pulled less than 15 Amps. Which is the capacity of most household plugs. Continue reading... “Local Studios Are Saving Both Energy And Money Using LED Lighting”

Bent Image Lab Unveils Secret Augmented Reality Project

Portland, OR August 15, 2016: Bent Image Lab, announces their Augmented Reality platform, “youAR”TM, is coming out of stealth mode into alpha testing.

For the last three years, Bent has been developing youARTM along with computer vision technology and systems enabling multiuser, real-time, markerless AR content to be viewed with a single lens smartphone.

Along with the announcement, Bent released a demo video showcasing the use of its proprietary AR and computer vision technology; “NEXT LEVEL AR!!! Continue reading... “Bent Image Lab Unveils Secret Augmented Reality Project”

The Digital Revolution in Lighting

controllerWith the advancements in LED lighting fixtures and HMI ballasts, controlling light fixtures with DMX signals has become both easier and much more precise. These advancements have ushered in new possibilities for control which is both quicker, easier and more economic than ever before.

lightWhile DMX control has been common in Theatrical settings for quite some time, only recently has advances in fixture design made this practical for TV/Film sets. DMX 512 is the standard communication protocol used in Entertainment industry products. Continue reading... “The Digital Revolution in Lighting”

Oregon Story Board Holds Office Hours This Friday

OSB_rgb Oregon Story Board is holding office hours this Friday, beginning at 3pm –  “learn all about Oregon Story Board by socializing with OSB staff and board members as well as the Digital Storytelling community that surrounds it.”

Read more here. Continue reading... “Oregon Story Board Holds Office Hours This Friday”

Peter Lund On Game-Making In Oregon & Our Place In The Future Of VR & AR

Peter Lund
Peter Lund

You may remember recently that Clackamas Community College and Oregon Story Board received a $100,000 grant to develop skilled workers and new programs around the Microsoft HoloLens – well – Lund explained to the Portland Business Journal, on why Portland is perfectly placed to make a splash in the new world of virtual and augmented reality development.  Read the article here.


Peter Lund is COO at SuperGenius studio. He also serves as Chair of the Oregon Games Organization, Vice Chair of the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission and on the Clackamas Workforce Partnership board. Continue reading... “Peter Lund On Game-Making In Oregon & Our Place In The Future Of VR & AR”