Oprah Network Casting Hillsboro/Beaverton Residents

Image of stylist Carson KresslyOur office was contacted by the staff of the Oprah Winfrey Network about an episode of  “Carson Kressly Is Making Over America” that they intend to shoot in Hillsboro.  We have posted the body of their flyer here.

Would you love some time and attention from America’s top stylist?

CARSON KRESSLY is on a makeover road trip across the nation and he may be coming to your town!

‐ Do you need to look fabulous for a big event?
‐ Is there something you’re avoiding or afraid to do? Continue reading... “Oprah Network Casting Hillsboro/Beaverton Residents”

‘Evidence of the Sasquatch,’ to Screen October 27th, 2010

Four filmmakers embarked on a doomed location scout in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. What started as a preliminary scout at the base of the cascades, ended in a bloodbath in the unforgiving wilderness. ‘Evidence of the Sasquatch’ is the film shot during this scouting by the filmmakers. This footage was found and the film was put together chronologically to show what these pour souls experienced in the days leading up to their final moments. This film shows the undeniable truth about the existence of the Sasquatch. Continue reading... “‘Evidence of the Sasquatch,’ to Screen October 27th, 2010”

New Film Hits Corvallis Oregon

Filmmaker Sean Brown has another film in Pre-Production based on the novel Reality Crash.

The Local paper has a short blub about his fund raising project on Kickstarter here.

Corvallis GT

You can find out more by following the links on the Kickstarter page.. He is hopeful to bring the Feature Film to Oregon.

Lets support local film. Continue reading... “New Film Hits Corvallis Oregon”

Dark Horse Entertainment Receives 2010 Oregon Governor's Gold Award


Dark Horse Entertainment


The Governor’s Gold Award is presented every year to highlight “Greatness In Oregon”.    Ted Kulongoski and former Governors, chose six award recipients, one of whom was Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment.  Mike Richardson (Founder, Dark Horse)  accepted the award from presenter John Landis (Animal House, Blues Brothers, Spies Like Us).  According to the Comic Book Review’s News Team,  Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment was called, “possibly the state’s best kept secret,” and a “revolutionary force” in comics publishing.  Continue reading... “Dark Horse Entertainment Receives 2010 Oregon Governor's Gold Award”

Town Hall: A Film & TV Political Party

Ye Olde OMPA, One Man One DrinkThursday, October 21

@Large Films
807 NE Couch Street
Portland, OR

Hosted By OMPA

6:00 pm Doors
7:00 pm Presentation

Oregon’s commercial, film and TV workforce development programs are due to “sunset” on January 1, 2012 unless they are renewed by the 2011 state legislature. The candidates running for your state House and Senate seats today will be making difficult budget decisions for the state, and will decide which tax credits are renewed, including the Oregon Production Investment Fund and the equally important Greenlight Oregon Labor rebate. Continue reading... “Town Hall: A Film & TV Political Party”

A Shoe Company is creating a Record Label?

Photo of Geoff Cottrill from Converse (from NY Times Article)

I finally got around to reading the Sunday NY Times and noticed this article about Converse’s efforts in the music business.  Immediately I thought of my friend JT Griffith who works at Nike as their music licensing consultant.  These days music licensing is critical for nearly every marketing plan.  Previously he was a music supervisor for film and television projects.  So why am I writing about a shoe company and why am I interested in what’s happening in the music business? Continue reading... “A Shoe Company is creating a Record Label?”

"Meeks Cutoff" gets distribution

So I was doing the Oregon Film rounds Friday night (very rare for me).  I first stopped by OMPA’s “Oregon’s Got Talent” event which was literally packed with talent.  Then I headed over to a wrap party at the North Portland Chopsticks – equally fully with creative talent.  At the party I heard producer Neil Kopp was at the bar celebrating the news that “Meeks Cutoff” got a distribution deal with Oscilloscope Laboratories.  I went looking for Neil before my curfiew of 11:00 but could not find him to congratulate him on the news.  Continue reading... “"Meeks Cutoff" gets distribution”

Oregon's Celebrated Film Crew

Behind the Scenes of "Animal House" in Eugene

Someone has to sing their praises: You know, the guys and gals you never hear about on talk shows or blog sites: the grips and the gaffers and the extras casters, the craft services and painters and prop finders, the location scouts and managers, the production office runners and p.a.’s and the transportation providers. These Oregonians never know where their next pay-check is coming from, and sacrifice a normal lifestyle with steady wages in order to be available on a moment’s notice to Productions who want to film in Oregon, and whose professionalism keeps these productions coming back. Continue reading... “Oregon's Celebrated Film Crew”

Extreme Makeover Reveals………..

The crew at Extreme Makeover have been working around the clock for the past few weeks to get ready for the big reveal of the School for the Deaf in Salem today.  As well as the school, they have also overhauled their haunted house that acts as an annual school fundraiser.

Paige Hemmis and Michael Moloney of Extreme Makeover in Salem, Oregon

For more information read the article in the Statesman Journal.com. Continue reading... “Extreme Makeover Reveals………..”

Glowing review of "Meeks Cutoff" from Variety

Meeks Cutoff

Variety film critic Justin Chang gave a rave review of Kelly Reichardt’s film “Meeks Cutoff” last week in Variety.  He saw the film at the Venice film festival.  Among the things he praised were the locations credited to location scout Roger Faires.  How often does a location person get credit in a review? Here’s an excerpt from the review.

“Reichardt’s decision to shoot in the 1.33 aspect ratio enhances the docu-like feel and yields one majestic composition after another, the nearly square frame capturing the wide-openness of these harshly beautiful desert vistas (Roger Faires is credited for the film’s Oregon locations, which look utterly of the period). Continue reading... “Glowing review of "Meeks Cutoff" from Variety”