An New Way For Actors and Models To Promote Themselves.

Photo of Aris Juson by Levy Moroshan Photography

Do you have a reel?  Head shot?  Website?  I’m sure if you are, or want to be, a professional actor or model you’ve been asked these questions by filmmakers, casting directors, and agents.  Sometimes the answer can be long with explanations.  Other times you have everything you need but have a hard time getting them all tightly bundled for easy consumption.

So you might ask be asking yourself… “What is that strange looking black box on the picture above?”  A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) first designed for the automotive industry.  What does that mean to you the actor or model?  Well we are adapting the QR code to promote you, the actor or model.  This QR code will be printed on your head shot and able to be scanned by anyone with a smart phone.  This QR code, once scanned, will send the filmmaker, casting director, or agent directly to your dynamically linked web page that we provide.

Here is what we’re offering:

  1. 30 minute Picture ID session with Levy Moroshan.  For 30 minutes you’ll spend taking new head shots with Levy.  He’ll then go through the images with you and you’ll get to pick out five  images to be retouched in full resolution and imprinted with the QR code.
  2. 30 minute Motion Picture ID session with the Bros. Freeman.  Your footage will be edited into a 2 minute reel piece for your dynamically linked web page.
  3. Dynamically linked web page with your head shot, moving head shot, and other pertinent links to your agent, imdb page, or reel.


Aristotle once wrote, The whole is more than the sum of its parts.  The separate parts of what we are offering are in no way revolutionary.  It is the combination of services that makes this a unique offer.  You get new head shots from Levy Moroshan imprinted with a QR code that is dynamically linked to your own page on our web site that has your new moving head shot embedded on it in High Definition.  We believe this offer of combining the individual parts of self promotion into one not only makes it more convenient but also affordable.

If you are an actor, model, or want to become one or the other,  this is an exciting new way to promote the brand of YOU.

Click HERE to find out more information including pricing, examples of ID’s, and who we are .  Thank you for checking it out!

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