A Shoe Company is creating a Record Label?

Photo of Geoff Cottrill from Converse (from NY Times Article)

I finally got around to reading the Sunday NY Times and noticed this article about Converse’s efforts in the music business.  Immediately I thought of my friend JT Griffith who works at Nike as their music licensing consultant.  These days music licensing is critical for nearly every marketing plan.  Previously he was a music supervisor for film and television projects.  So why am I writing about a shoe company and why am I interested in what’s happening in the music business? Continue reading... “A Shoe Company is creating a Record Label?”

Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video

Lauren Henry from Corvallis based Talented Animals was on KOIN’s show Studio 6 yesterday.  Lauren has been a great resource for the Oregon Film community as she’s always out there plugging our state as a great place to film.  I also happened to be in a meeting yesterday where I met John Sechrest from Corvallis and the one thing he mentioned relating to Oregon Film was this video.  He helped the production secure a space for the video and spoke very highly of the experience.   Continue reading... “Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video”

"Meeks Cutoff" gets distribution

So I was doing the Oregon Film rounds Friday night (very rare for me).  I first stopped by OMPA’s “Oregon’s Got Talent” event which was literally packed with talent.  Then I headed over to a wrap party at the North Portland Chopsticks – equally fully with creative talent.  At the party I heard producer Neil Kopp was at the bar celebrating the news that “Meeks Cutoff” got a distribution deal with Oscilloscope Laboratories.  I went looking for Neil before my curfiew of 11:00 but could not find him to congratulate him on the news.  Continue reading... “"Meeks Cutoff" gets distribution”

A Good Résumé Can Make All the Difference

We get calls each week from motivated, young,  job seekers who are either entering the work force directly from school or taking their career to the next level.  It can be daunting knowing where to start and so in answer to these queries, we created the career builder page as an addition to the job hotline resource on our site.  We  hope it will be a useful initiative full of  advice, suggestions and tips.  We consulted  with industry professionals to get their take on what makes a resume standout and they also gave us some great do’s and don’ts on the job. Continue reading... “A Good Résumé Can Make All the Difference”

Just Saw this KOIN Piece on "Portlandia"

So I love nothing more than doing a little googling on a Thursday night (kind of sad commentary) and I came upon this piece that aired on KOIN this week.  Last week the principals of the the show “Portlandia” held a low key press conference and KOIN’s show Studio 6 covered the press conference as well as the other local media outlets.  They got some good stuff from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein so check it out!

-Vince Continue reading... “Just Saw this KOIN Piece on "Portlandia"”

Documentary Chooses Ashland for Easy Shooting

Southern Oregon – Shawn Adams flying an auto-gyro for the shot. Jamie Lusch / Daily Tidings

It’s always great to hear of projects choosing to shoot in Oregon and when we heard about the producers of the documentary, Half Way Home, choosing the Ashland area over their native LA for some of it’s scenes, we learned the reasons in this case were threefold; less expensive, less red tape and solid talent.  Gary Kout, producer and executive director of the  Southern Oregon Film and Television organization, connected the producers with talented auto-giro pilot, Shawn Adams (Rotor-Head) in southern Oregon to get their tricky arial scenes. Continue reading... “Documentary Chooses Ashland for Easy Shooting”

Extreme Makeover Reveals………..

The crew at Extreme Makeover have been working around the clock for the past few weeks to get ready for the big reveal of the School for the Deaf in Salem today.  As well as the school, they have also overhauled their haunted house that acts as an annual school fundraiser.

Paige Hemmis and Michael Moloney of Extreme Makeover in Salem, Oregon

For more information read the article in the Statesman Journal.com. Continue reading... “Extreme Makeover Reveals………..”

Eugene, OR Telecommuncations program has $$$ for you!

I just heard from Pam Berrian, Eugene’s Telecommunications & Cable Program Manager that she still has $20,000 available in their filmmaker equipment fund.  Please note that this pool of money must go towards the purchase of telecommunications equipment.  Pam and her department are big supporters of the film industry and it would be a shame to see this money not get spent on a film or TV project.  All remaining funds will go back into the city of Eugene’s reserve fund July 1, 2011.  Continue reading... “Eugene, OR Telecommuncations program has $$$ for you!”

Glowing review of "Meeks Cutoff" from Variety

Meeks Cutoff

Variety film critic Justin Chang gave a rave review of Kelly Reichardt’s film “Meeks Cutoff” last week in Variety.  He saw the film at the Venice film festival.  Among the things he praised were the locations credited to location scout Roger Faires.  How often does a location person get credit in a review? Here’s an excerpt from the review.

“Reichardt’s decision to shoot in the 1.33 aspect ratio enhances the docu-like feel and yields one majestic composition after another, the nearly square frame capturing the wide-openness of these harshly beautiful desert vistas (Roger Faires is credited for the film’s Oregon locations, which look utterly of the period). Continue reading... “Glowing review of "Meeks Cutoff" from Variety”

Update from Oregon Film trip to Los Angeles

OK so you can't see anything but I had this photo to share

On Friday we were able to take advantage of a unique marketing opportunity thanks to the support of the Portland Based band Pink Martini, a few donated bottles of Oregon Pinot from the Willamette Valley Winery Association and the coordination efforts of Jennifer Yocom from Portland Mayor Sam Adams’ office.  Thanks to Jennifer’s relationship with the band and the band’s willingness to help market Oregon, we were able to obtain twelve tickets to the Pink Martini concert friday night which was the first of three performances this weekend at the bowl.  Continue reading... “Update from Oregon Film trip to Los Angeles”