Audi Commercial Shot In Oregon Drives Controversy

You only need to glance at the comments posted on this YouTube clip to see how this particular commercial, showing off the new Audi A6, has people fired up!  But non-the-less, we like car commercials and we have many shooting here to know!  They often have healthy budgets and of course, provide local jobs.  We make an effort to promote the versatile roads of Oregon and in some ways it’s not that difficult; beautiful high desert, mountains, beaches, urban scenes, small towns and an easy distance between them.  It’s not a hard sell.

In this Audi commercial, we thought that some of the cracked and crumbling freeways in the opening shots do not really look like Oregon roads, so we confirmed, and those were indeed shot elsewhere………further south (sorry LA).  Apparently the producers were disappointed when they got up here because the Oregon roads were not in a bad enough state of disrepair to use! (Great job Oregon Department Of Transport!)

This commercial shot for four days in a number of locations – City of Portland, Sherman County near Wasco to name a couple.  Like we said, controversial or not, we like car commercials.




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2 thoughts on “Audi Commercial Shot In Oregon Drives Controversy

  1. Nice spot.
    I just shows the reality of driving in this country and the nasty roads out there.
    Bad freeways look a lot more like Washington than Oregon.
    Don’t understand what the complaint is, some people complain when hanged with a new rope.

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