Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees

Dean Devlin, Producer Leverage, Senator Ginny Burdick (picture Frank DiMarco)

The Oregon Film & Television Office thanked Leverage for four great seasons shooting in the Portland Metro area by donating four trees to be planted in metro neighborhoods through the  Friends Of Trees non-profit program.  Leverage’s Producer, Dean Devlin,  was presented with a certificate noting the dates and neighborhoods the trees will be planted by Senator Ginny Burdick (and, naturally, the certificate was printed on 100% recycled, FSC certified paper).  Continue reading... “Oregon Film Office Says Thanks To “Leverage” For Four Great Seasons Shooting In Portland By Donating Neighborhood Trees”

Governor Kitzhaber and Steve Oster Present Oregon Film Office’s Film Advocate Awards To Portland Police Bureau and Portland Parks

At Oregon Film & Television’s Annual Meeting last night, we were able to honor some amazing Film Advocates who have been integral to the film and television industry.

Governor Kitzhaber presents the Film Advocate Award to Derrick Roberson, Sergeant Erin Smith and Sergeant Peter Simpson (photo: Frank DiMarco)

Steve Oster (Producer, “Grimm“) announced the Film Advocate Awards that were presented to Derrick Roberson, Sergeant Erin Smith, and Sergeant Peter Simpson by Governor Kitzhaber.

Derrick Roberson, the Recreation Coordinator for Portland Parks and Recreation, operates as a communication liaison between Location Managers and the Portland Parks and Rec. Continue reading... “Governor Kitzhaber and Steve Oster Present Oregon Film Office’s Film Advocate Awards To Portland Police Bureau and Portland Parks”

39th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

Northwest filmmakers put their hearts on stage this November 9-18 during the Northwest Film Center’s 39th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival.

Feature film highlights include Lynn Shelton’s YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, starring Rosemarie DeWitt, Emily Blunt, and Mark Duplass; James Westby’s RID OF ME starring Katie O’Grady; a special FREE 50th Anniversary screening of POLLUTION IN PARADISE, the 1962 KGW-8 produced film that documents the beginning of the environmental movement in Oregon that became the hallmark of former Governor Tom McCall’s tenure; and closing the Festival is Matt McCormick’s THE GREAT NORTHWEST. Continue reading... “39th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival”

Green Happenings – Walking The Green Talk

Last week I attended the Go Green Portland conference with such speakers as Cylvia Hayes, the founder and CEO of 3EStrategies, (a clean economy consulting firm) and partner of Gov. John Kitzhaber; Duncan Wyse, president of the Oregon Business Council; Carol Sanford, author of “The Responsible Business” and Nick Barham of Weiden and Kennedy.   It seemed that they had a common theme; many valuable and interesting businesses are blossoming here in the Pacific Northwest and much useful work is underway but there is much yet be done.  Continue reading... “Green Happenings – Walking The Green Talk”

Animal House of Blues

‘Animal House’: Our Alma Mater

“Animal House of Blues”: has been announced today as an Official Selection of the Eugene International Film Festival October 18th- 21st, 2012. Directed by Jay Richardson, class of 2012; with the help of fellow graduating filmmakers.

Subtitled “How an Oregon Community Helped Create a Hollywood Blockbuster (or Two) On a ‘B’ Drive-In Movie Budget”; this next generation of young Oregon filmmakers, formerly from the University of Oregon, stepped up and optioned, filmed and edited Katherine Wilson’s documentary screenplay, as well as licensed her Oregon Film Factory Movie Museum images and artifacts. Continue reading... “Animal House of Blues”

GRIMM Season 2 …….Tonight! Come And Watch With Fellow Portlanders….

Join fellow Grimmsters this evening to watch the Season 2 Premier;


On Deck Sports Bar and Grill

910 NW 14th, Portland

First season will screen at 8pm

9pm season 1 finale

10pm season 2 premier

Michael Muller/NBC Universal

Also, for some added show info and a quick recap of Grimm’s journey so far, read Kristi Turnquist’s article from today’s Oregon Live.

We can’t wait!


  Continue reading... “GRIMM Season 2 …….Tonight! Come And Watch With Fellow Portlanders….”

Ed Asner Visits AM Northwest in Portland this Morning

Emmy award winning actor and Oregon Film board member Ed Asner was in town and stopped by to chat with AM Northwest this morning.  He discussed many of the projects he has worked on in his long career as an actor as well as touted the benefits of having film and television production in the state.  You can view full 25 min. video of his appearance above. Continue reading... “Ed Asner Visits AM Northwest in Portland this Morning”

Oregon Film Website Update Features Current Film “Buzz”

If you haven’t visited the Oregon Film website in a while,  you should stop by and check out some of the new content and features we’ve added. In addition to the newly refreshed “Roads of Oregon” section that we wrote about in an earlier post, we have added two new sections featuring current buzz about the Oregon film/media industry from around the net. These sections are dynamically updated as new content becomes available through a partnership with Oregon based Postano.   Continue reading... “Oregon Film Website Update Features Current Film “Buzz””

Essential NW Film: That Blade Just Don’t Stop

The process that delivers the furniture into our homes is often as grim as the process that delivers the food onto our plates. Aerial vistas of butchered landscapes look like ecological crime scenes, the brown swathes of mowed hillsides replacing the chalk outlines. The murder weapons drip with water instead of blood, freshly bathed for the next sanctioned slaughter. The morbid din of strained cedars slit at their mammoth bases, tipping over, their broad tops exploding on impact could just as easily have been confused with an animal’s death throes. Continue reading... “Essential NW Film: That Blade Just Don’t Stop”

Wait, That Was Done In Oregon?

If you’ve ever watched IFC then you’ve seen their signature quirky-cool ad campaign. But did you know that it was designed and created by Oregon-based Feel Good Anyway? Or that the 40+ special effects in the NBC movie “A Walk in My Shoes” were done by Portland’s visual effects company Hive-FX? Or if you’ve been to Canada lately and seen Koodo Mobile’s adorable spokesman El Tabador, that he was produced by Bent Image Labs based in – you guessed it – Oregon? Continue reading... “Wait, That Was Done In Oregon?”