Workshop: Sound Design—Creating Acoustic Worlds For The Screen

October 20, 2018. 10AM to 4PM. Northwest Film Center. $45.

Visit for more information and to register.

Sound design is not about software, catchy music or cool sounding effects. It’s about emotional response: how a combination of dialogue, music, sound effects, designed sounds and backgrounds supports character development and the dramatic elements of the story. This workshop will explore how powerful sound can be by looking deeply at different artistic choices and their influences the meaning of a scene. The different stages and workflow of sound design will be discussed in detail, from reading the script, to reviewing the rough cut and the final mix. Continue reading... “Workshop: Sound Design—Creating Acoustic Worlds For The Screen”

Workshop: A Tale In Two Minutes—How To Pitch Your Film Idea

November 2, 2018. 10AM to 3PM. Northwest Film Center. $20-$60.


Pitching is part writing, part strategy, part performance … but above all, it’s storytelling. So your pitch simply boils down to telling a good tale, right? If only it were so easy.  Whether you’re proposing a feature, documentary, commercial or other creative project, you need an engaging, suspenseful and tight pitch of 60-120 seconds at the ready.  Like filmmaking, pitching involves knowing your audience (prospective buyer), but it also involves a whole lot more. Continue reading... “Workshop: A Tale In Two Minutes—How To Pitch Your Film Idea”

Be Part Of The Pickathon Camera Crew

Pickathon Camera Crew
June 26, 2018 — August 5, 2018
Tuesdays, June 26-July 17, 6:30pm-9:30pm;
plus practice shoot;
plus Pickathon Festival August 2-5.
$765 – includes pass to festival (over $400 value)

Learn to shoot live events as a trained cameraperson for the Pickathon Music Festival, one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the US (August 2-5). Continue reading... “Be Part Of The Pickathon Camera Crew”

Directing Intensive With Scott Ballard At Northwest Film Center!

Directing Intensive
Wednesday, June 13 through Sunday, June 17
9am to 4pm each day, $595
Online advanced registration required. 

Once again local filmmaker, producer, and DP Scott Ballard brings his directing expertise to students, community members, and emerging filmmakers at the Northwest Film Center for an intensive studio class on Film Directing. Over five consecutive days, participants will shoot and direct a scene(s) with professional actors and a small crew. From lighting and framing to casting and working with the crew, the studio is about developing your unique “director’s eye.” Continue reading... “Directing Intensive With Scott Ballard At Northwest Film Center!”

Mastering The Interview With OPB’s Steve Amen

Mastering the Interview: Real People as Documentary Story Structure
Taught by Steve Amen,  Executive Producer / Host of OPB’s Oregon Field Guide
Mondays, 6:30pm-9:30pm, October 2 – November 6
Northwest Film Center, 934 SW Salmon St.  $495

Register online.

The stories and voices of real people are the building blocks of documentary storytelling. The challenge for the filmmaker is to adapt their style to the person being interviewed. A successful interviewer allows the subject to share their story in a way that is not only personal, but also that is focused, engaging, and provides real insight into the subject. Continue reading... “Mastering The Interview With OPB’s Steve Amen”

Arri Alexa Workshop & Rental Special

The Northwest Film Center’s July Arri Alexa Camera Operation workshop is Saturday, July 29th from 10am to 3pm.

This workshop is REQUIRED for renters of this camera. Students who have become certified to rent will also be eligible for a 50% discount on their Alexa rental through the end of September 2017!

Workshop details:

Arri Alexa Camera Operation
Saturday, July 29th from 10am to 3pm.
934 SW Salmon

Taught by Scott Ballard.

Participants will learn the basics of shooting with our flagship digital cinema camera. Continue reading... “Arri Alexa Workshop & Rental Special”

Sound Recording Workshop

Sound Recording Workshop

Two-Saturdays, July 22nd and 29th from 1pm to 5pm

Taught by Pam Minty. Register online here.


Use professional sound gear to record scripted dialogue and interviews.



Overview of microphone types and uses from lavaliers to shotguns

Single versus dual system recording

Basics of recording dialogue, interviews, narration, and effects

Audio recorder operation (Marantz PMD-660, Sound Devices 702, Zoom H4N)

Field mixer operation (Sound Devices MixPre and 302)

Protocols of a recording session

Setting up and conducting a recording session, step by step

Get Instructor coaching and feedback on practice sessions

Rental options for NWFC sound gear


Note: Second session is devoted entirely to hands-on practice. Continue reading... “Sound Recording Workshop”

Documentary Editing With Pam Minty

Documentary Editing
Wednesdays, April 12 – June 7
6:30-9:30 pm
Northwest Film Center, 934 SW Salmon
Register online now.

You have all the footage, now what? This class teaches the techniques and process of editing a no/low budget documentary film, either from footage that you have already generated, or from footage provided by the instructor or another member of the class. Get comfortable with editing software and workflow, and receive hands-on instruction for organizing and sequencing the material into a cohesive and engaging story. Continue reading... “Documentary Editing With Pam Minty”

Saturday Workshop with Mark Orton

Saturday, February 18th the Northwest Film Center is hosting a workshop with local composer Mark Orton (Nebraska, Box Trolls, This American Life) called ‘Working with the Film Composer.’ Participants will get the inside scoop on logistics and process of working with a composer. Plus, Mark will help answer your burning questions about contracts, licensing, and all the fine details in between! Geared toward the director, but great for musicians too.

Register in advance online: Continue reading... “Saturday Workshop with Mark Orton”

Discuss Indie Distro with the Experts, Saturday Oct 29th

Film Distribution in the Digital Age

Saturday, Oct 29, 10am-3:30pm
Northwest Film Center, 934 SW Salmon

Join Caitlin Boyle, founder and exec director of Film Sprout along with three awesome guests: Amanda Elder, former Director of Distribution at Collective Eye, Paula Bernstein, contributor at Filmmaker Magazine, and Beth Harrington, director of The Winding Stream. They’ll be talking all about Film Distribution in the Digital Age.

Register online ASAP to make sure you get a spot!


The Founder and Executive Director of Film Sprout leads this fast-paced seminar on how new platforms, new audiences and new approaches to sharing and viewing independent film are remaking the distribution landscape. Continue reading... “Discuss Indie Distro with the Experts, Saturday Oct 29th”