Discuss Indie Distro with the Experts, Saturday Oct 29th

Film Distribution in the Digital Age

Saturday, Oct 29, 10am-3:30pm
Northwest Film Center, 934 SW Salmon

Join Caitlin Boyle, founder and exec director of Film Sprout along with three awesome guests: Amanda Elder, former Director of Distribution at Collective Eye, Paula Bernstein, contributor at Filmmaker Magazine, and Beth Harrington, director of The Winding Stream. They’ll be talking all about Film Distribution in the Digital Age.

Register online ASAP to make sure you get a spot!


The Founder and Executive Director of Film Sprout leads this fast-paced seminar on how new platforms, new audiences and new approaches to sharing and viewing independent film are remaking the distribution landscape. Participants will learn how to tap into this new marketplace by envisioning and executing strategic, audience-driven distribution strategies. It IS possible to have increased control over how, and by whom, your film is seen, and its remunerative and impactful public life. Documentary film distribution will be the focus, though much of the content will apply to narrative and alternative projects.

Today’s new opportunities in festival, theatrical, grassroots, educational and digital distribution
How community activism and crowd-generated funding and publicity are blurring the lines between viewers and producers
How traditional streams like theatrical and broadcast are supported by more and more by activists, educators and social change-makers
Working your networks to connect directly with programmers, exhibitors and audiences
Tapping in to university, museum, faith-based, military, nonprofit organization and other emerging grassroots venues
How to identify and nurture an audience for your particular film
Nuts and bolts, practical steps for implementing an audience engagement strategy
Best practices and lessons learned from case studies and guest directors

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